What is on your Christmas wish list?

What is on your Christmas wish list?

I have been seeing the Lexus commercial where a significant other presents his/her loved one with a shiny new Lexus, big red bow donning the roof top, and wonder why I am so different. No offense to the people who actually get a new Lexus in their driveway, which I have yet to see in real life, but I take joy in non-traditional gifts like:

  1. Crown Molding
  2. New bottles of my favorite skin and hair care
  3. Seeds for my garden next year
  4. The fresh pages of spanking new notebooks which I will fill with inspirational visions
  5. New lamps for my family room
  6. A gigantic gift basket of food-my parents just sent us an amazing assortment of steaks. YUM.
  7. Coffee and Tea

And while some may cringe if their spouse presented them with a pimped out vacuum cleaner – I am squealing with joy at the thoughts of suction power and miraculously clean floors…

What is on your Christmas list this year?


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  • Seriously - who buys a car without at least discussing it with the spouse? Actually, my husband would kill to get rid of my 10 year old minivan and buy something smaller, but I'd kill him if he did it without my input.

  • My thoughts exactly...

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    Oooh - I love new notebooks! What would I like for Christmas? A work table for sewing and other crafting, a bread bin, and a bottle of my favourite perfume... oh (and if Santa's listening... perhaps a tropical holiday!?)

  • In reply to Hana Colmar:

    Oooh, a tropical holiday would be nice. I forgot one wish-someone to birth this baby for me! :)

  • After we bought a place, we decided that things like "Crown Molding," or upgrading the "fireplace" were the best presents too.

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