Lacking the Crafty Mom Gene: Scarring My Children with Creativity

Lacking the Crafty Mom Gene: Scarring My Children with Creativity
Oh, Christmas Tree!

I am not ashamed to admit I am lacking in the arts and crafts department. It is a little embarrassing when visitors mistake my creative expression for something my 3-year-old made in preschool…

I long to create mini masterpieces at the whim of my imagination. I subscribe to many blogs and newsletters hoping to be inspired enough to take the plunge and bond with my kids over craft time at our kitchen table.

Even creating Play Doh creatures is difficult for me as both of my children usually end up asking, “When is daddy getting home?” after my desperate attempt to make a bird sitting on a nest has gone terribly awry.

With sites like Pinterest and Etsy, I can pretend to be creative as I pin and favorite beautiful images, but as I turn from my computer screen and gaze at my craftless home, I wonder why I am lacking this slice of the mom gene.

One of my favorite Domestic Inspiration and Elegance bloggers, New Zealand’s Hana Colmar, is always inspiring me to face my fear of domestic creativity and take on projects. From home decor and embroidery to using produce from local farms, Hana is the epitome of creative and adventurous domesticity!

One of her recent posts featured inspiration for Hana’s Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap, with an eye-catching felt Christmas tree from Julia Crossland.

“I could totally make that felt Christmas tree,” I thought earlier this week.

Armed with my team of short creative assistants, I hit the craft store to gather our supplies.

I know what you are thinking,

“Those are just felt circles sewn together. How hard can that be?”

If you are homemade craft intolerant like me, you know how seemingly “easy” projects turn into horrifying gifts suitable for no one but the trash can.

Standing at the crowded craft store frowning at the selection of super thin felt (because as you can see from Julia’s tree, she used much, much thicker felt), I made a simple modification to my plan and decided to make mini trees.

Christmas Nipple Cover Because of the thin felt, my first attempt resulted in, not a lovely Christmas tree like Julia’s, but a festive multicolored nipple cover I can now sport on one breast for the holidays.Crafty Nipple Cover

Peter and I had a good laugh about my lack of craftiness and I started over again.

Determined to make these damn ornaments and prove to my children (and myself) that I could be a creative mom, I re-cut all my circles and FINALLY made a mini tree.

Oh my! I couldn’t be more excited!

Yes, it took me 6 hours to complete and I stabbed myself 50 times with my sewing needle, but I did it!

Yes, the children became bored with the project after 10 minutes and retreated to the family room for the next several hours, but I did it!

I will probably be making these easy felt trees until the end of time, because without a doubt I know I cannot mess them up! I will most likely have to retire from being a room parent after my kids finish Kindergarten as the art projects will become way too advanced for my skill level, but at least I will always have my mini felt Christmas trees…

Are you craft connoisseur or lacking in the homemade department?


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  • I am impressed that you stuck with it and didn't give up. I have many have unfinished knitting, sewing and collaging projects that I gave up on before they were complete.

    Your child will learn much more from your determination, then artistic ability.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    I am blessed with stubbornness, so even though I stink at crafts, I still finish! Yes, the end result is always horrible, but I try...In fact, in high school, my art teacher told me to drop art and take another class. Like government! HAHAHAHA! WHAT?! For goodness sake, I tried!

    Thank you for the kind words. I do have a knack for baking and cooking and I can sing and act out pretty much any musical in the world...

  • fb_avatar

    Elizabeth, thanks so much for your kind words... I'm still embracing the 'Domestic Inspiration and Elegance' phrase you coined!!

    The tree looks very cute. I love the colour combination you used. PS... I think that the 'nipple cover' looks pretty cool too - you could always make another one and save it for a Halloween costume. I'm thinking a fusion character - Madonna circa 1989 meets Martha Stewart?!

  • In reply to Hana Colmar:

    I love the sound of that phrase... :)

    Thank you for complimenting the tree. I know it's not that lovely, but it was made with a lot of love and stubborn tenacity. The first nipple cover was too embarrassing to post, so I opted for one that might resemble a tree! It might make it to the Christmas Tree yet! I love your fusion character idea. I have enough felt left over to make some rocking felt hot pants!

  • I am going to hold a crafts and invite you. :) They are adorable though.

  • In reply to David W. Quinn:

    I would love to come! I might need 1 year notice to make a bunch as it took me 6 hours to make one ornament. :)

  • I think your tree/cover looks great! I like the colors. I can relate. I am not crafty at all. In junior high my home ec teacher was kind enough to help me finish my sewing projects on her lunch hour. I had a similar situation, only with Agebra 2 (in high school). A teacher yelled at me and told me I would never get it so I may as well give up. Ummm...if I had given up on Algebra 2 I wouldn't have graduated! It pays to have determination.

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