Heartwarming Story Alert: Awesome Kids, Awesome Teachers

Heartwarming Story Alert: Awesome Kids, Awesome Teachers
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I love being inspired by others and find people who work with children and teens to be on my list of people I most admire. Some teachers really changed my life and the memory of what they taught me still sticks in my mind to this day.

I have known Michelle Darcy for several years and have observed in awe her love for teaching and passion for motivating and encouraging her students.  Today, I have the opportunity to support and spread the word about Ms. Darcy and her students at Sullivan House.

Sullivan House is an alternative high school on the south side of Chicago which provides a learning environment for students seeking a second chance. Welcoming any and all students who have been kicked out or who have dropped out of the Chicago Public School system, Sullivan House offers them a chance to succeed and recognize their potential as individuals and citizens.

A growing community of Chicago inner city kids who come from low-income families, disadvantaged backgrounds, and limited futures, Sullivan House looks to link teaching and traveling to ensure a broader education for students, as many students have never left their Chicago neighborhoods. Something needs to change and providing a teach-and-travel program will benefit the students so they can learn about other ways of life and broaden their limited views.

In order to make this idea a reality, Sullivan House has partnered with Educational First Tour Company who has believed in the power of education and travel for 45 years. EFT has taken students and teachers around the world with the conviction to empower the next generation of global citizens. The impact this collaboration will have on the students of Sullivan will not only have a positive influence over their lives but will also have a positive impact on our Chicago communities.

The philosophy behind the travel abroad program is to provide an extraordinary experience for the students of Sullivan House which will enlighten and open them to different cultures and countries. Not only will the students go abroad, they will meet other students from other schools and come to know them through their time spent traveling.

Sullivan House High School has always fostered the belief to ensure a quality education and positive social experience for disadvantaged inner city youth. Offering after school literacy programs, job training, post secondary planning, and community-based programs, Sullivan House prepares these students for success outside of high school. The travel abroad program is another way to carry out the mission and vision of the school.

With your support, Sullivan House will be able to provide a cross curriculum learning experience that will not only give the students a powerful education but an opportunity to travel abroad and expand their individual selves, broadening their worldly view. The impact that this collaboration will have on the students of Sullivan will not only have a positive influence over their lives but will also have a positive impact on Chicago communities.

Working in partnership with Education Tour Company’s Teach and Travel Program, 10 students from Sullivan House will travel to Barcelona, Spain in April, 2012. Sullivan House will select students based on academic achievement, attendance, and attitude which will take them on a seven-day immersion journey through the city to explore its culture, history, and language. This trip corresponds with classroom lessons on Spain, as well as the history and cultural influences of Barcelona.

“With a limited view of life around them, this trip to Barcelona will confirm there is life beyond their home on the south side of Chicago. My hope is that each student makes a connection with the city and its people. The positive impact of the city, the history and experiencing a culture different than their own will change these students lives forever,” says Sullivan House English teacher, Michelle Darcy.

These students need help getting to Barcelona! Partnering with Groupon’s G-Team Campaign for the next 72 hours, any donation amount will plant a positive seed in the hearts of Sullivan House students today and cultivate a lifetime of appreciation.

I love supporting great people and feel compelled to ask for your help getting these students to Barcelona.

Let’s see how much we can raise in 3 DAYS!

I’ve donated my $10, so how about you? PLANT A POSITIVE SEED NOW!


(Article written in collaboration by Michelle Darcy and Elizabeth Rago)


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    Thank you so much Elizabeth for publishing and posting this amazing cause.

  • You got it! You are doing amazing things with the kids at Sullivan House and should be so proud of yourself. Every single one of those students will remember you. :)

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