Outrage about bras and sexy underwear for 4-year-olds!

After reading a Fox News story about the outrage of French lingerie designer, Jours Après Lunes creating a sexy ‘Loungerie’ line for small children, I couldn’t help but visit the site to gather my own opinion.
Much to my suspicion, sprawled across the site is images of young girls in jovial model-esque scenes, donning makeup, pearls and teased hair. Personally, I do not think it necessary for a 4-year-old to have a matching set of bra and panties more expensive than my own set from Victoria’s Secret.

Shouldn’t little girls be wearing cotton underwear and have grass stains on their knees, rather than flaunting lacy unmentionables with red lipstick on their baby faces?

The backlash against Jours Après Lunes has been severe. Are we freaking out over nothing because we are Americans (as some have said) or should we be offended by the exploitation of little girls and the fact that we are giving something else for internet perverts to ogle at?


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  • I worked with abused adolescents for many years. There are so many things that contribute to the objectification of women. This could be considered the objectification of little girls.
    I did consider my own childhood, unmolested and reasonably happy. At our summer sleepovers we would often dress up, put on make-up etc. but my parents would have called a cop if any of us had been photographed and exhibited on the web. What were their parents thinking of?

  • In reply to Danie:

    I agree about this being considered as objectification of little girls, Danie. Who really needs to see little girls' underwear anyway? I cringed the other day buying underwear for my 3-year-old and saw 'low-rise' underpants. A 3yo needs low-rise underwear? I purchased the standard 'granny panty' style.

    Thanks for your comment, Danie!

  • All my daughter wants are underpants with princess, dora or cupcakes on them. I hope it stays that way for a very long time.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Mine daughter loves her elephant undies...I want this innocence to stay, too. I actually opted for the fun butterfly cotton bikinis at Victoria's Secret so maybe I am just a little girl at heart, too. ;)

  • There are things that I will just never understand, and it really doesn't bother me know that I can't understand why anyone would design such items for young children. There is so much pressure for these young girls to grow up so fast. Enjoy the magic of childhood as long as you can!

  • In reply to soontobehotmama:

    They make these products b/c they know people will buy them....

  • Let's face it, little girls love to dress up, pretending to be their mothers—always have, always will. Speaking as a male fashionista . . . If I was a 4-year-old girl, I'd sooner pick out something cool to dress up in like mom wears than something drab like that worn by everybody else. What kids choose to wear isn't a problem, and the parents who dress them hardly deserve to be labeled "exploiters of little girls." But there is a problem.

    The sexualization of children, pervasive throughout our culture, puts not only children at risk but also men with marginal personality disorders—particularly those who have trouble setting and maintaining boundaries. Like the rest of us, these men are continually bombarded by provocative images of children in print and on screens. Unlike most of us, they are more easily tempted to cross personal boundaries and seek fulfillment by coming on to kids. Once they do, the kids' lives are compromised and the men's lives are ruined.

    Dressing kids in sexy underwear, painting their faces with designer makeup, and parading them in beauty pageants seem innocent enough, and in fact can be fun for kids and parents alike. But we need to be aware of the cumulative effect such activities have on our society. There are many reasons why the number of sex offenders has skyrocketed over the past few decades. The role each of us plays in supporting the sexualization of children contributes to the problem.

  • In reply to Dr. Craig:

    What a fantastic comment Dr. Craig! Thank you so much for taking the time to expand upon this topic. I agree wholeheartedly!

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