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ChicagoNow Has a New Look! Let's Celebrate!

Tranquility Spa and Wellness, St. Charles
In celebration of our new look on we are honoring our 118th Facebook fan, Courtney from Naperville. A lovely collection of PWAP’s favorite products have been donated by several local establishments! We treasure all of our readers and fans and appreciate every moment of your support. Don’t be sad if you missed out on... Read more »

First-time Camping With the Family: A Summer Vacation I Will Never Forget

Oh my, was I excited to go on my first camping trip with my family! And sure, it might seem crazy to take a 3-year-old, 5-year-old, a 6-month-old puppy, a pregnant woman and one sane man camping, but I had a great attitude. I was prepared for sun, bugs, campfires, and insatiable pregnant cravings. I... Read more »

Hot Pants and Fake Belly Button Tatoos on a 10-year-old. A good idea?

I have never considered myself to be a wet blanket when it comes to artistic expression. Over the years I have learned to embrace the phrase, “to each his own” and try to omit all judgement from my being. Of course, I am not perfect and find myself judging others more often than I would... Read more »

Life in Transition and One Mother's Difficult Decision: Parenting Without A Parachute

In one hour, I am leaving my children. Actually by the time that I am finished writing this entry and posting it, I will already be far away from them.  In another state.  In another time zone. Currently, I sit in the airport terminal, jittery with nervous excitement and a small amount of uncertainty. In... Read more »

The Third Time's the Charm: Arming Yourself with Humor for Pregnancy

“I will embrace every moment knowing this is my last pregnancy. I will be as peaceful as a pregnant goddess sitting on a lily pad.” In January, I sat with my blogging ladies discussing a new approach to my final pregnancy. I scoffed at the old pregnant me and was confident I had mastered being... Read more »