Women as Human Shields: Domestic Violence, Osama bin Laden-Style

After reading a report by CNN.com this morning, which told of a woman being used as a human shield, I paused in the loving comfort of my home, sipped my coffee and thought:

In a life of ‘conform or be killed’, what chances do these women have? How can they escape a life of extreme cruelty and abuse? If you were taught from a young age that you have no worth and were forced into marriage, what would you do?

Try living in a place where the mindset of men neither respects women nor humanity and see how you would survive.

I am extremely grateful for the country I live in. A place where I can:

-Educate myself
-Choose my spouse
-Take my child to the doctor without being escorted by my husband (and not get shot)
-Drive my car to a coffee shop and chat with my friends
-Voice my opinion
-Fall in love and act upon it
-Worship the God I choose to believe in
-Wear whatever I want
-Stand up for my family and not get my nose and ears cut off

What are you grateful for?


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  • Everything our country provides even though we have our own minor flaws.

  • In reply to jtithof:

    Once again, I feel fortunate for my life and the opportunities we can give our children. :) Thanks for the post, Jackie!

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