Lessons From Your Mother

Advice. Who hasn’t been graced with a few words of wisdom from their mother? We can all remember cringing when our mom talked to us about sex, rolling our eyes when she dabbed toothpaste on the enormous pimple on our chin, and sighing when she tried to reason with us that leaving the house bare-legged without nylons was not only ridiculous, but downright offensive.

Coming from a place of love, mothers do their best to raise a happy child through their stories and ‘I-told-you-sos’. Can you remember a few life lessons your mother taught you? Good or bad, these mental motivators some how implant into our subconscious and surface right when we need them.

Elizabeth and Dre recall their mother’s words of wisdom…

Practice, practice, practice. Whether it be walking in heels or applying make up, my dear, sweet mother always made me practice being beautiful. Which brings me to my next motherly advice: beauty hurts. Getting your eyebrows waxed and having your hair ripped through a highlighting cap (do people even do that anymore???) is just what we girls need to do in order to emerge like a butterfly from our homes every morning. During at-home spa nights, in the midst of tears and screams of “STOP! That really hurts!” my mother always said, “Sometimes it hurts to be beautiful…     -Elizabeth

Live your life. Although my mother’s wisdom is hard-earned and abundant, she has never been one to preach it. Instead, she lives it. Her example has taught me to keep a light heart, forgive, move on, be genuine, explore, and be present in the moment. She has always encouraged me to think for myself and not worry too much what others have to say about it. She inspires me to live my own life, my own way, right now. I love you, Matka!     -Dre

Happy Mother’s Day!

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