Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Inspired by a few amazing people in recent months, I am committed to writing about local and global individuals who are dedicating their lives to change the lives of others. From nonprofit organizations to super parents, a ripple effect of kindness is making a significant change to the whole world.

But what can we do about it? As much as I would like to share thousands of dollars to someone in need, at this time of my life, I can only give a little at a time.

There is a movement called FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) created by, a nonprofit leader in microfinance, and one of my favorite skin care lines, Dermalogica. This movement is changing the world, one person at a time by providing women with microloans to start up or expand their business.

The fascinating part about this global support movement is the consumer is directly involved in the process. Dermalogica has pledged to contribute $1 every time I purchase one of their best selling products and enter a FITE code on

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Coming from a place of experience, this endeavor is not an easy road. It takes persistence, long hours, a love for your trade and of course, financial support.

As a small business owner, some days, you are fighting for your business to stay afloat. In the midst of shuffling paperwork, selling your product, managing employees, scrubbing floors and working overtime, you need to make a living.

What if you live in a place where barriers are put in place to keep you from starting your business? Barriers like discrimination, disapproval and violence?

In an age of instant convenience, we often scoff at the thought of “logging on” to a site to redeem anything.

No need to scoff!

My Dermalogica product contains a code which takes less than 5 seconds to enter on The dollar is then applied to the entrepreneurial project of my choice and I even get to choose the area of the world where my dollar is funded.

The $1 will be applied to a microloan that matches my chosen criteria and I am notified when the loan is funded to my entrepreneur!

For example, I just received an email about the women I helped from Makeni, a city in northern Sierra Leone. This group of women called, The Sunshine Group, has applied for a loan to expand their business.

The result: make more sales and improve their living conditions!

The women of The Sunshine Group sell cotton clothes and slippers. The leader of the group, Kadiatu Kamara, has 6 years of business experience and is married with 5 children.

As a mother and small business owner, I know the value of that microloan will not only help Kadiatu’s business, but help her family as well!

Businesses like Dermalogica are inspired to uplift not only the women of the world, but motivate and drive us to care about each other.

Keep up with the latest news about FITE on Facebook. For more information about Dermalogica, visit


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  • I love what Dermologica is doing for women all over the world! Sometimes we forget how difficult daily life is for so many people. I feel ridiculous griping about the shoddy drying system on my dishwasher now! :)

  • In reply to AmandaJ:

    I love the FITE video b/c it puts a face to the cause, you know? And those women are just like us. Feeding their families, taking care of their children, cruising around their local market... :)

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