Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy

The kids have been asking to get a kitten for months.

“Mama. We love kittens. Let’s get a kitten,” they say, innocently blinking their blue eyes at me.

From another room, my husband replies, “We will never get a cat. EVER.”

Tears ensue and I hold my devastated children in my arms as they ask, “Why?”

“Because I’m the dad,” says their father.

I’ll admit it. I am not a cat person and my husband is certainly not a cat person. We lost our Weimaraner a few years ago to cancer and he was only 7. We were crushed. But, like anyone who has lost a pet, furry or not, I find we are missing something in our pet-free house.

Cruising on, I found a litter of puppies who had been surrendered to a local rescue, Jellystone Bark’s Rescue Rangers, in Oswego. Since I was sure that we had adopted our “pure bred” Weimaraner from a puppy mill, I did some investigating and online stalked the Rescue Rangers. What I found was that Kim Morgan, founder of JBRR, was a placement coordinator who works with foster based rescue groups and no-kill shelters throughout the US and Canada.

My heart was instantly at ease, so I shot Kim an email requesting an application.

And here we are! The newest member of our family, Cooper, is a Newfoundland with a splash of Lab. Supposedly this particular breed is supposed to be on the larger side. But what is really large?

According to the AKC website, Newfoundlands range from 100 to 150 pounds, but we already knew that. Our furry neighbor, Morgan, who was a rescue from the Naperville Area Humane Society, has been spending a lot of time with our family and to be honest, her large size doesn’t seem to bother us. Newfoundlands are like giant lovable bears!

I do know that they shed a lot and need a good stylist, so Cooper will be exclusively seeing Maggie at Grooming by Maggie in Elburn.

There are so many animals who need a home, so why not rescue one?!

For more information about rescuing your next family member from Jellystone Bark’s Rescue Rangers, visit their page.

Have you rescued a pet? I would love to hear your success story and feel free to post a picture of your friend on our Facebook page!

Are you thinking of adopting a pet? Is everyone in your home on board with that decision?


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  • He's so cute! Your kids will probably be able to ride on top of him pretty soon!

  • In reply to AmandaJ:

    Newfoundlands get so big, so quick. So off to dog obedience school I go!

  • In reply to AmandaJ:

    We adopted a pet! Best thing we've done. It's so heartwarming to know we "saved" our little guy from living his final years in abandonment. He was left outside chained to a post when someone reported it. He spent two years at Save-A-Pet in Grayslake-and then we adopted him as soon as we saw him.

    He's been a test of our patience at times...him being 10 years old and with little to no training. But he's taken to us and listens to us already! And it hasn't even been 2 full months!

    We love our little Bruin!

  • In reply to RachelWolfe:

    Rachel, he is adorable! I am so glad to hear he has taken to your home in such a short time. What a heartbreaking story! The great part is that he ends up in a loving home where I am sure he is spoiled! Thanks for sharing!

  • In reply to RachelWolfe:

    Adoption - a wonderful option. Congratulations!

  • In reply to SteveDale:

    Thanks, Steve!

  • In reply to RachelWolfe:

    Adorable. We adopted our Sidney, a lazy black lab with a splash of something, almost two years ago. Love, love, love her. Great dogs come from animal's like they're happy to have a second chance. We got ours from the DuPage Animal Shelter.

  • In reply to jtithof:

    I agree, Jackie. They have already lived through so much and they are happy to be loved. :)

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