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Playing Dress Up

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My doppelgänger lives in France, according to my jet-setting in-laws, who frequent the romantic streets of Paris. My idea of the perfect day is to bask in a French café on a cobblestone street with my striking husband, sipping coffee whilst donning a darling hat. (I have given this scene a lot of thought, can... Read more »

Achieving Domestic Perfection

For those of you who are familiar with my posts, you already know I have stains on my mattress and a knack for embarrassing myself in public.What you may not know is I used to have an affair. A love affair, rather, with house cleaning. I used to love scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, dusting, and... Read more »

Speaking in Poetry: One Family's Evolving Celebration of Rhythm and Words

It all started with Dr. Seuss.  His rhyming stories of imagination and made-up words beckoned my children to explore the poetry and rhythm of language.  Sure, the rhyming did make my eyes cross and sometimes my ears bleed, but I do begrudgingly admit that it added an extra dose of whimsy as I read the... Read more »

Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

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Inspired by a few amazing people in recent months, I am committed to writing about local and global individuals who are dedicating their lives to change the lives of others. From nonprofit organizations to super parents, a ripple effect of kindness is making a significant change to the whole world. But what can we do... Read more »

This too shall pass...meltdowns and temper tantrums

My almost 3-year-old daughter screams most of the day. So much, that I am surprised that the neighbors have not come by to see if the children are alright. The reasons for the screaming varies: the dog sniffing a stuffed animal or a sibling touching her favorite toy, top the list. Anne doesn’t discriminate. She... Read more »

Merrily Singing My Way To The Voting Booth -- Won't You Join Me?

First day of Kindergarten for our oldest
Since the beginning of time (at least time measured in Crystal years), musicals have been my passion and favorite means of escapism.  They still remain my greatest birthday-shooting-star-blowing-dandelions-in-the-breeze wish that my daily life would magically involve synchronized dancing and harmonized singing.  I dream of singing my way to school pick-up each day, dressed in a... Read more »

Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy

Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy
The kids have been asking to get a kitten for months. “Mama. We love kittens. Let’s get a kitten,” they say, innocently blinking their blue eyes at me. From another room, my husband replies, “We will never get a cat. EVER.” Tears ensue and I hold my devastated children in my arms as they ask,... Read more »