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Keeping up with the Jetsons

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Sunday morning I was at the kitchen table trying to get some work done before the day got crazy. Leo threw herself dramatically into the chair across from me and shot me a frustrated look. Over my laptop, I shot her back a “what’s up?”   “MOM…I need an iPhone.” “Really? You need an iPhone?” “Yes.” “You’re... Read more »

To Work or Not to Work: That is the Question

     Today, a job opportunity fell into my proverbial lap. It was like someone giving you a pet monkey. It seems kind of cool but you’re not quite sure what to do with it. I haven’t had a full time job in 2 and a half years, and I feel a bit rusty. I quit... Read more »

Supporting Your Child's Interests: When Encouragement Becomes A Pushy Obsession

Supporting Your Child's Interests: When Encouragement Becomes A Pushy Obsession
It’s the beginning of tornado season here in the Midwest and fueled by his obsession with natural disasters, my son is readying his goggles and bike helmet in the anticipation of chasing a destructive tornado. Since I have to sensor episodes of Storm Chasers, I know a little bit about the nerd hot Storm Chasing... Read more »

Puberty and Personal Hygiene: An Embarrassing Flashback

When do kids hit puberty? Well, whenever it is, I remember it well. I was innocently sitting in the back of my parent’s car, sporting a Maggie Simpson t-shirt, when my mother let out the gasp of the century. “What is that SMELL?!” she practically screamed from the driver’s seat. I shrugged my shoulders and... Read more »

One breath at a time: being the parent of a child with cystic fibrosis

Parenting. One of the hardest jobs, in my opinion, because you are driven by love and have an unspeakable bond to a tiny human being. Emotionally (and sometimes physically) attached, a parent is held responsible for equipping children with the tools they need to survive, until they can go out on their own and take... Read more »

When I grow up...

The question had been asked of me countless times. My parents, teachers, and even my friends seemed relentless in their quest to understand my deepest ambitions and translate them into a simple career goal. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t answer their “what are you going to be?” question. I was 8. I dwelled on the matter.... Read more »

We buy our friends!

*Please note: only the 118th and 138th Facebook fans and the friend who referred #118 and #138 will receive a gift. We would love to give gifts to everyone, and once we really make it big, we would love to make this a habit! 🙂

Busted! A True Story about a Fourth-grader, his Adoring Mother and her Horrible Memory

I would have gotten away with it, at least for another year had it not been for my horrible memory.  And I scoffed at all those advertisements for the Nintendo Brain Age games.  Ha! What a fool I was!  If only I had spent my mornings solving cross word and Sudoku puzzles instead of watching... Read more »

Staying too long at a pity party? How to get out of the funk...

I have been in a real funk lately and I do not like it. I used to like a good pity party, but now I find it distracting and useless. Usually I can work out or get inspired out of a temporary depression, but this time, it is different. I am coming off a rough... Read more »

Confectionary Confessions from a Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Hello, my name is Crystal, and I am a sugar addict.  Not just a have-a-little-sugar-in-my-morning-coffee consumer but a serious powdered-sugar-ring-around-my-mouth addict.   And I need help. I love sugar in all of its many wonderful forms:  I love to sprinkle the crystallized granules on hot cereals and oatmeal and watch it dissolve in cumulous cloudy swirls... Read more »