What's in your purse? (aka the black hole)

In between jobs many years ago, I had the opportunity to work for Coach. (Yes, the leather goods company.) I was amazed when mothers would come in and ask for a purse that would allow them to be “hands-free”.

Pah! I thought. Hands-free. Nothing could come between me and being fashionable. You mean to tell me that I am going to let some child dictate what I wear and what kind of handbag I carry? I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those (gag) diaper bags!

I remember encouraging these stressed out mothers, whose children were tearing down purses and licking the mirrors, that they needed to do something for themselves. I distinctly remember one mother asking how a $400 leather bag would hold up if a bottle of milk spilled on the inside of it. And, how easily would crayon come out of a $200 white wristlet?

Well, you just don’t spill a bottle of milk in your bag, I thought. And, you keep little Tommy’s grubby hands off your expensive wristlet. Don’t you have rules in your house???

Even as I type, I can’t help but laugh at how I have shifted in my thought process. Today, I realize that no amount of rules can prevent life and accidents from happening.

Over the years, I have found that I need several survival items in my bag to take on the day and make my life a little more beautiful.

In the black hole I like to call my purse, among the Purell, miniature coloring books and action figures, are a few essential items I cannot live without…
Perfect skin on the go
I am a woman on the move. And if your skin is anything like mine, I need the illusion of perfection when it comes to my uneven skin tone and occasional breakouts. Touchups are inevitable for me throughout the day and Dermalogica’s Treatment Foundation is lightweight and has great coverage! I used to think that I needed a cake face to appear flawless, but Dermalogica has proven my theory wrong. My skin can breathe again!

A dynamite clutch
Amidst nose wiping and cutting food into tiny chewable pieces, I love being reminded that I am still a stylish woman. Pulling out a fantastic clutch is a refreshing sight when diapers and wipes are the usual contents of your bag. I LOVE the Signature Flat clutch from designer Danica Leigl. Her attention to detail and quality of work emit a classy and timeless look that will definately draw attention! Your one-of-a-kind rectangular work of knitted art is available at Miss Ruby Boutique in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Do not fret if you do not live in the Midwest! Email Danica at info@d-moss.com to discuss design options…

Fast food perks
A wax paper pouch of crayons from Portillo’s graces the bottom of my to-go bag. There is something perfect about this single serving size of crayons that saves me when my kids need a distraction at the doctor’s office.

A punch to the lips
It seems like I am in a constant state of indecision when it comes to cosmetics. And since my hair color changes with the 4 seasons, so must the color of my lips. B-Shique Brow Boutique supplies me with just enough color to suffice my frequent style reinvention with their Mini Mint Lip Glosses. The colors are versatile and their cute size makes me want to buy 2, 3 or 4 at a time!

All this talk about great products makes me want to clean out my purse on the kitchen table!
What product helps you make it through the day?

Gentlemen, what do you need in your European Carry-All?


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  • LOL I love this. When I was going up, and even to this day, every memory that I have of my mother is of her with this HUGE purse that's within arms reach at all times. If you needed crayons, a pencil, a bouncy ball, paper, rubberband...anything, she would have. It always made me think of Mary Poppins and I am still waiting for the day that she pulls out a hatrack. But I must admit that no matter what pants I have on I will always have a pen, swiss army knife and a book of matches. Sadly, I do not own a "merse" yet..

  • In reply to TheMaskedServer:

    My mother was a big supporter of sporting small purses as well! Please don't ever have a "merse". (I laughed out loud when I read that one!)

  • In reply to erago:

    duh, i meant LARGE, not small. :) i need more coffee.

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