The Perfect Valentine Dinner Destination (Or any meal for that matter!)

If there is one thing I love and can’t seem to get enough of is being doted upon. When we first started dating, my husband did swoon about and pamper me like a seasoned professional. Then again, we were in college where our biggest concern was getting to class on time and meeting for lunch at Jimmy John’s.

Moments whispering and kissing in a corner have now been replaced with setting up train tracks at 6 a.m., guzzling coffee and kissing on the way out the door.

I stepped confidently into the car in my cherry red shoes and reached out my hand to turn up the heat. My eyes glanced at the clock.

5:45. We are going out on a date at 5:45! I laughed to myself and decided as long as the sun had gone down, I could have a glass of wine…

Peter and I held hands and chatted about our day as we pulled up to Prasino in St. Charles.

When you spend most of the day keeping up with the demands of children, the last thing you want to do is go to a restaurant and be unhappy about anything. I have often had dreams about being doted upon and until last Saturday, I realized I had never experienced true service.

Prasino, is by far, one of the best establishments I have ever visited and let me tell you why…
Yes, the food was spectacular. Their menu has a wide variety of fresh
dishes but not too many to become confusing. I had the Braised Lamb
Shank and was delighted to find the combination of lamb, pasta and feta
cheese quite lovely.  Peter had the Grilled Thai Curry Pork Loin and was
kind enough to share some with me before he devoured the plate.

I am in no way a food critic, so I will spare you the snobby food review. What I really want to talk about is the service.

The staff was attentive in every
way. From the moment we walked in the door, I felt almost like a
celebrity as we waited for our table. Robert assisted Peter is selecting
a scotch, and briefly explained why Prasino had added these particular
scotch varieties to their selection. I have been to several restaurants
where the staff has been very knowledgeable about their labels, but
their pretentious undertone made my eyes roll like a put-out teenager.
Not at Prasino. The staff was delightful!

We were escorted to our
seats and greeted by our server, John, who was equally as helpful as
Robert. John’s cheery demeanor seemed to flow to the other servers and
it was obvious that this staff worked well together.

There was
something happening that night at Prasino! Guests  were laughing, the
timing of the food was flawless and even the water tasted great!

this was a rom/com (romantic/comedy), the servers would have been
singing on the tables while the bussers danced round the tables picking
up dirty plates. And in the middle of this glorious movie would be Peter
and I kissing romantically!

I digress.

If you do not live in the far western suburbs, no worries! Prasino
shares the love and has a location in LaGrange and is opening a third
location in the Bucktown/Wicker Park  neighborhoods in the spring! I would encourage you to check out their menu which includes breakfast and lunch selections.

My blogging neighbor, The Masked Server, gave us a behind the scenes look at the service industry,
stating, “The difference between an upscale restaurant and a
neighborhood dive is not the food;” And I will finish this sentence,
Masked Server, if I may.

…it is the energy and attitude of the
servers, the chefs, the GM and the entire staff that translates into a perfect dining experience. I applaud everyone at Prasino for a job well
done. It takes a lot to run a successful business and good things are
happening in the front and the back of the house.

I will
be dining at the LaGrange location with some friends next Saturday, so
we will see who wins my heart and woos me in the end. Near West or Far

PS-Don’t forget to try The Honeymoon. A yummy thirst quencher made with prasino honey, fresh orange juice, apple juice, lime juice and agave nectar.


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  • Love Love Love this restaurant! I completely agree w/the service...I was there on an evening w/my kids and my 3 month old started a screaming marathon. I was trying to console her in the walkway between the door to the restaurant and the door to the outside so she wouldn't disturb everyone dining there and their GM came over and asked twice if there was anything he could do to help. He even offered a lemon wedge in case she was teething! Obviously my 3 month onld was not teething nor was a lemon wedge an appropriate cure for a teething baby but I REALLY appreciated his concern and that he was trying to help. I ended up leaving without getting the butter cake dessert I was sooo looking forward to. Oh well, next time!

  • In reply to meglietz:

    That is the kind of service I am talking about! You need to get that butter cake to go! I am so glad I had the lamb, too. It was sooo good. I really want to try their breakfast menu...

  • In reply to meglietz:

    this place sounds great! will have to try it sometime.

  • In reply to meglietz:

    Oh, wonderful post Elizabeth. I am so behind on reading your blog and I was so happy to read this post. I think you ended my sentence is a beautiful way. It's so nice to hear that you and Peter were able to get out, have an awesome dinner (which the choices made my mouth water) and simply enjoy life.

  • In reply to TheMaskedServer:

    Hello, friend! I am glad you liked the post. I think we could all do with a night out like this...Well, I'm not renting out my husband or anything, so byo-man. ;)

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