Spring Forward with a New Look: Exfoliating Your Winter Self

As I shaved in the shower this morning and stared at my almost opaque skin, I realized that I need to take action when it comes to preparing myself for a terrifying term I like to call, “beach season”. I tend to look at the arrival of spring as my new year as opposed to the frigid, lifeless turn of the actual “New Year”.

My get-ready-for-spring rituals consist of mixing things up and emerging from my winter cocoon like Lady Gaga from that ridiculous egg.

Well, maybe not as creepy and dramatic…

Dermalogica’s Ultimate Buffing Cloth- Say goodbye to your winter shell! This buffing cloth is my best friend in the shower. (I even catch my husband using it! Shhh.. don’t tell!) I found mine at Tranquility Spa and Wellness in St. Charles. While you are there, pick up an exfoliating face brush and make an appointment with one of their estheticians. Actually, their list of services makes Tranquility your one-stop-shop for beauty and wellness.
Say no more!

Change your hair color! Oh, just do it already. And try something drastic! I am a couple days from going from blond to red (again) and I am super excited at the thought of this radical change.

Invest in a good liquid liner. I like Lancome’s brown liquid liner. It lasts FOREVER, so I don’t have to feel so guilty spending $29 on an eyeliner. One word of advice: Practice, practice, practice. Once you have mastered the art of applying a liquid liner, it’s hard to go back.

Give ’em a rest! Wear your glasses a little more than usual. Or-better yet, update your frames! I found these super cute vintage eyeglasses on Amazon. Just right for a spring wardrobe pick me up!

How do you reinvent yourself? Guys, do you do anything special to get yourself ready for spring? Don’t be shy, there is no judgment here.


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  • Time to dust off the treadmill--but it's in the garage now so I have to run amidst cans of deck stain, lawn mowers, and spiders. Looking for motivation as I write this!

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