I'm ready to get mad!

Yesterday’s headlines have been a good reality check/smack in the face for me.

14 Decapitated bodies found in Mexico Resort
Bloodbath:  Portuguese Journalist Slain
Nation Shocked: Congresswoman Shot in Tucson

I am humbled and completely grateful for my content and abundant life.  A few days ago, I thought all day about my torn jeans.  I dropped my son off at school in my torn jeans and thought, rather irritated, “Why can’t I find some jeans that fit me and do not cost $100?”

During the afternoon, while my mind should have been on work, I was looking at the pile of jeans I had pulled from my closet and stared at them thinking, “That’s it.  Tonight when Peter (my husband) gets home, I am going jean shopping.”

People are getting decapitated.  Shot.  Being sexually mutilated.  And I am worrying about jeans?  I think it’s about time we all stopped our pitiful complaints and started making a difference in our world.  And I really believe we can make a difference.

It starts in our own little world, in our own little towns.  Let’s try being nice to our spouse.  Our kids.  Our friends. Our neighbors.  Strangers. Let’s start with the basics:
-Get Angry (In a good way) and make a change
-Be kind to others
-Stop getting offended
-Be genuinely happy
-Stop buying products, watching television and listening to music that promotes ignorance and violence
-Stop being concerned with what everyone else thinks

I don’t need to define these points.  It’s like we are all children who need to sit and think about what we have done.  We all need to make better choices.  And despite the fact that we know what is right in our hearts, we continue to walk in unhealthy habits and bad attitudes.

You are only here for a short time.  Don’t you want to make a positive impact on this world?  Forget the world, just make an impact on someone.  Start with ONE person and go from there.

Is anyone making their world a better place?  Speak up!


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  • Well said! I can't stand watching the news lately. Too depressing sometimes.

  • In reply to AmandaJ:

    We need to start over. Stop thinking we are the most important people in the world and think about those around us for a change. Scrap our agenda and ask ourselves, "What can I do to help someone else today?"

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