A big thank you from the 'Burbs

This morning I checked ChicagoNow.com for my scheduled blog post and my eyes caught an earlier submission entitled, “Suburban People are Assholes“, from one of my favorite bloggers, The Masked Server.

Intrigued at the title (and a teensy bit annoyed), I clicked through to read the rest of the post.  In short, the post did reflect an opinion of frustration for disrespectful suburbanites. I have to admit I was a little sad that the Masked Server was generalizing that all people who reside in the suburbs are impatient and ignorant, because I am from the suburbs!

Taking a deep breath and struggling to write in a non-defensive manner, I posted the following response:

“How do you know that these people live in suburbs? Aren’t there assholes everywhere? It saddens me to hear so many people say this when there are a lot of decent people from the suburbs who do have manners, are not sheltered and respect people who are in the service industry. I really enjoy your posts! But I am getting a little tired of being included into a group of morons that exist everywhere.”

In an effort to spread the word and bring traffic to The Masked Server’s blog as well as my own, I posted the following to my Facebook page along with a link to the post:

Do you live in the suburbs? Are we uncultured and rude? (My words, not The Masked Servers) I would encourage you to read this post and respond. (In love and kindness, of course!)

A few hours later, I received an email notification about a new entry by The Masked Server, entitled, “Blogs: It’s just a person’s opinion“.

I have to say I was a little scared.  As I clicked through to CN.com, I was ready.  Ready to get an earful about how the suburbs suck and I should just stay in my sheltered suburban bubble, pick up my whiny kids from school in my minivan and be quiet.

I was so surprised to find the following post.

My faith in decent human beings has been restored!  In no way was I looking for an apology for The Masked Server’s opinion,  I just wanted him to know that there are good people out here in the suburbs.
I must also remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion! And I believe it displays great character to be able to talk respectfully about topics that get us fired up.  I was touched by this post and will be suggesting The Masked Server to all of my friends.
Thank you for the post, Masked Server! 🙂


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  • That's great. He is very entitled to his opinion and freedom of speech but generalizing is not right. I'm glad he owned up to it and even gave you a shout out! Holla!

  • Thank you so much Elizabeth for your post! I admit that I was scared as well to read your post, but I realize that we might developing a blogging relationship together. (Laughs) You have helped me to always remind myself that there are great people out there no matter where you look. Thank you for being a fan and helping to support my blog. I can assure you that the same will be done for you. Here's to our "new relationship". Cheers!

  • In reply to TheMaskedServer:

    A cheers back at you! (clink!)

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