A Quick Vent: Celebrity Marriages

It amazed me to read that Scarlett Johansson and husband of 5 minutes, Ryan Reynolds are having marital problems due to their “hectic work schedules”.  Whether this is true or not, celebs need to nut up and realize that real life and marriage is hard.

What married couple doesn’t have “conflicting work schedules”???

Add a couple of kids to a hectic work schedule and we’ll see who has enough energy to have sex on a Friday night, let alone a meaningful conversation.
Marriage is hard work.  It means the end of selfishness, it involves
dying to “self” and being patient with your partner when she
refuses to put the trash in the garbage can and instead, puts it right
in front of the garage door because it’s too cold to walk 10 feet to the
can!  (I admit it, I am lazy!)

I’m not saying that it is easy to get a divorce.  I am saying it is
really hard to work your problems out with your partner and stop being
bull-headed and prideful and stubborn.

I really do not understand why celebrities get married.  There should be
some kind of pretend ceremony for famous people so they don’t have to
waste money paying lawyers and going to court.

Hectic work schedules.  Please.


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  • I don't understand why these people bother getting married either. What about all the money they spend on their stupid weddings? Ugh.

  • Do you donate your wedding dress and write it off on your taxes?

  • I feel like celebs have so much money that divorce is "easy" for them. They just hire someone to watch their kids, move them, etc. I think they have feelings, but it is insane the number of divorces in Hollyood.

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    I agree, Beth. Thanks for posting. :)

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    My girlfriend and i have been together for ten years. We went through a period around year 4 or 5 where we argued quite a bit. We sucked it up, worked it out. Now I can't imagine my life without her. She's my best friend.

    Now.. I'm usually one to argue that people should have more empathy for celebrities, pro athletes, etc... But in this case, I totally agree -- they need to figure out for themselves that life isn't all easy and the best answer isn't always to go date the next hottest famous person. Amen.

  • In reply to nixhexison:

    Great example, Dan. I am happy to hear that you guys worked it out!
    I guess my rant originated from the fact that I just can't feel sorry for celebs any more. Are celebrities standing in unemployment lines? I appreciate their talent, but I'm tired of their crying and whining.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent. A post like this is very rare for me, so I look forward to talking about a more exciting topic with my next post. :) Have a great day and a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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