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New Classics: Our favorite books from babies to teens

We remember what it was like when we had the time to savor a novel for three straight hours.  But when children came into our lives, we were lucky to have three straight minutes to ourselves.  The novels began to disappear.  In their place the bookshelves began to fill up with books not even made... Read more »

Stop your whining!

Last week, my son and daughter had a bad day at the same time.  Nothing I did or gave them or said was right, resulting in a string of tears and come backs like, “Mama, you have poo-poo on your face.” or “I hate peanut butter sandwiches!” Hostility was coming from both sides.  If you... Read more »

The History of Halloween in my Household and the Quest for the Perfect Costume

Halloween was much easier when my children were younger.  When they were infants until about the age of 3, I simply flipped through whatever cute children’s costume catalog that was stuffed in my mailbox and picked the sweetest, cuddliest, most gender-neutral (’cause I knew more babies were coming and if I was going to fork... Read more »

Giving in to seasonal urges

Each fall I am struck by a strange sensation.  At the first hint of chilly autumn air, when the wind takes on a different tone as it rustles the drying leaves, my hands begin to itch.   It is not an allergy or a flare-up of some rare skin disease.  It is an insatiable craving in... Read more »

Diapers and Twinkies: The Startling Similarity?

    Diapers. Once you bring your bundle of joy home, the existence of diapers in your daily life becomes extremely important. What diapers will fit little Chester best? Are they soft enough? Do they leak? Did we remember to buy more or did we forget because we haven’t slept in 72 hours? The majority of... Read more »

Oh, the horror! A lesson learned in child rearing.

After the birth of my first child, I felt certain that every moment with him would be a joyous learning experience.  His curiosity in nature made me very happy, being a nature lover myself, and I embraced this opportunity to expose him to the outdoors. Over the past year, his obsession with birds, specifically bald... Read more »

Great Autumn Excursions, Drinks included!

T.S. Eliot wrote in The Wasteland, “April is the cruelest month”. He had obviously never spent January in Chicago. Bone chilling winds, blizzards, and icy roads are just a few months away. However, here in the Midwest we are lucky to have the brief interlude of autumn before we hunker down under our blankets sipping... Read more »