What's all the fuss about school pictures?

How important are school pictures?  To this parent, not so much.  What do I expect from my 4-year old, sitting on a hard stool under hot lights being asked to say “cheese”?

I expect the hilarious, forced smile and almost painful look that we got from his 3-year old class picture.  No need to take advantage of the free retakes that the photographer offers.  I am keeping these awkward photos of my children, framing them and moving on…

To a photographer who will come to my house or meet me in some child-friendly place to capture my children’s spirit and my family in our natural element.

I have seen work by EB Creative
out of Geneva and was very impressed with the softness and power of owner, Elisa’s
photos.  When looking for an artist to capture the heart of my family, I
need to be able to view a superior portfolio before I contact the
photographer.  EB Creative’s site is beautiful and easy to navigate.  I
also appreciate small businesses giving back to the community and EB
Creative supports several local organizations.

A native of Geneva, Lisa of Illuminate Photography
is one of my favorites.  Lisa’s creative eye and knack for making every
scene a beautiful one impresses me to the core.  Currently located in
Austin, Texas, Lisa brings her visual storytelling to Chicago in the fall and spring.

If your budget does not allow for you to hire a
professional photographer, grab your point and shoot camera, the
manual and embrace your inner paparazzi!   Start capturing amazing moments
with your kids! 

I went on a walk with my children near Island Park in Geneva last week
when the weather had just given us a hint of crisp fall.  After reading
the manual of my point and shoot camera and playing with a couple of settings, I
was ready to go!  The scenery is breathtaking at Island Park and I let
the kids play while I followed them around. I didn’t bother them by setting
up awkward poses or asking them to smile, I just let them be.  I got
some great shots that I will be printing out and framing!

Check out these beautiful spots for fall pictures in Geneva,
Batavia and South Elgin:

-Anywhere on Island Park 
-Snap a shot of the kids eating a tasty treat from Graham’s Chocolate and sitting on the Adirondack chairs

The Japanese Gardens off Batavia Ave/Route 31

-The swings at Les Arends Park (Rt. 31, North of Mooseheart Road)

-The nature paths at Nelson Lake County Forest Preserve

South Elgin
Fox River Trolley Museum, In October they have a Ghost Story Train Ride and S’Mores! YUM!

OR just take shots in your neighborhood, your back yard or any spot in your home with bright, natural light!  The best thing about the digital camera is the DELETE button!

Check out Picture Perfect School of Photography
They offer email updates with great tips on taking photos.

Do you know a fabulous photographer OR know a great place to capture a moment with your kids?  Let me know about them!

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