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Clothing a tribe

I am cheap.  Frugal.  Thrifty.  Pennywise.  Call it whatever you want, I don’t mind.  Of all the Parenting Without a Parachute ladies, I am undeniably the pennypinchingest.  For nearly three years I have been raising three young’ns on my own, and being foolish with money is not an option. I obsessively turn off lights.  My... Read more »

What's all the fuss about school pictures?

How important are school pictures?  To this parent, not so much.  What do I expect from my 4-year old, sitting on a hard stool under hot lights being asked to say “cheese”? I expect the hilarious, forced smile and almost painful look that we got from his 3-year old class picture.  No need to take... Read more »

Let's Reminisce About the Simple Times...

There is nothing in this world quite like that naïve planning and preparation for the arrival of our first child.  During those months (sometimes years) of self-indulgence, we dream and plan our future children, their peaceful early years filled with laughter and slobbery kisses, their precocious elementary career, drama-less junior high years and rigorous college... Read more »