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Clothing a tribe

I am cheap.  Frugal.  Thrifty.  Pennywise.  Call it whatever you want, I don’t mind.  Of all the Parenting Without a Parachute ladies, I am undeniably the pennypinchingest.  For nearly three years I have been raising three young’ns on my own, and being foolish with money is not an option. I obsessively turn off lights.  My... Read more »

What's all the fuss about school pictures?

How important are school pictures?  To this parent, not so much.  What do I expect from my 4-year old, sitting on a hard stool under hot lights being asked to say “cheese”? I expect the hilarious, forced smile and almost painful look that we got from his 3-year old class picture.  No need to take... Read more »

Let's Reminisce About the Simple Times...

There is nothing in this world quite like that na├»ve planning and preparation for the arrival of our first child.  During those months (sometimes years) of self-indulgence, we dream and plan our future children, their peaceful early years filled with laughter and slobbery kisses, their precocious elementary career, drama-less junior high years and rigorous college... Read more »