Disabilities and Water Sking

Thanks to two very special groups of people, my daughter, who cannot walk or stand, was able to water ski like every other kid on Tuesday !  Not even “like every other kid,” actually better than most kids I know. Adaptive Adventures and GLASA (Great Lakes Adaptive Sports) make all of this possible and provided... Read more »

A Different Kind of Summer

I have to make some admissions.  I spent the first few weeks (ok, month and a half) of this summer on the run.  I had all three kids in different camps, in three different towns, going on different days and different hours.  Good Plan.  I also had made a great big summer therapy schedule for... Read more »

Walking Through Water

When I picked up my little girl, Shea, at camp last week, she was absolutely bursting with news.  Between her and her Keshet helper, Sydney, there was a contest to see who could be happier about the news. My little girl had experienced 5 days of camp and was on her third day of therapy... Read more »

Bored To Sleep

Bored Right To Sleep

I Want That Hour Of My Life Back, Please

My sister and I were having a conversation yesterday where my sister related that she was trying to “get better at small talk.”  Why???  I asked.  My sister, being slightly older, but much wiser than I was the last person I would think of to want more small talk in her life. “I think it... Read more »