The Start of Summer

Just re-reading a past post about a different kind of summer.

Wow.  I was so insightful a year ago.  I always go into summer thinking that I need to get my kids moving in all directions.  They have to be active and stimulated, and God forbid it be me that has that responsibility.  I needed so badly to read that post from last year where I realized that they are tired.  They need a break from the running, from the having to be somewhere, from the waking up early and being “on.”  Yes, my daughter needs her therapy.  And yes, I will get her there.

But it is ok to miss a day here and there, and to be lazy, and to be bored for awhile.  To find something to do without me orchestrating their lives.  It is all ok.  I have to remember that now, in June, instead of having it hit me over the head 6 weeks in again.


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