World's Worst Blogger

When I pitched my idea to Chicago Now for my blog, I was so excited and full of energy.  It seemed like everywhere I turned there was another great thing to blog about, something I truly wanted to share.  But then I never got to my computer with a clear mind to get them done.

When I would have time to get on the computer, I would seem to find five minutes to work or to email someone, and then the kids or life would pull me away.   I always found myself getting too busy with life- changing diapers, driving to school, driving to therapy, wiping butts, unloading the dishwasher, making the beds, throwing in loads of laundry.  Is it all mind numbingly dull, well yes it is, and it is my life right now. 

So my struggle is this:  Do I say “I can’t find more time in a day, and although I want to write, I just have to accept that this is my lot right now?”  Or do I fight it?  Do I say instead “How do I find more hours in a day, or how do I use my time more wisely so I can fit the time in?”  If blogging, and writing, are what I want to do and how I want to share my life and grow my book plan, then I have to find time for it.

And I have to find time when my mind is clear and I can think.  That seems to be a struggle lately as well for me.  My mind is just not as sharp as it once was, and I have to fight through that too.

So I am committed to a new path and a new energy.  I am going to plan my time, and I am going to figure this out.  I am not the first person to have this struggle, and I know I will find direction and ideas from other Mom’s out there who have tried to manage a busy life and go after what they are passion about at the same time.

My new year starts now!  I just need someone to hold me to it!


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