Teaching Your Kids To Pay It Forward

Teaching our kids to be good citizens and to give to others is not always an easy proposition.  Kids these days seem to be pre-disposed to “getting” and “asking for” and not always seeing others around them.  I feel as if my children are pretty darn blessed in this life.  Especially Shea. With the numerous... Read more »

Caregiving Woes

I read the most beautifully written article last night, that my sister had given me about a year ago, torn from a magazine. It was titled My Daughter, Myself and written by a woman named Sallie Tisdale.  Sallie’s daughter has autism, which is a disorder very unlike my own daughter.  However, I still found so much... Read more »

The Start of Summer

Just re-reading a past post about a different kind of summer. Wow.  I was so insightful a year ago.  I always go into summer thinking that I need to get my kids moving in all directions.  They have to be active and stimulated, and God forbid it be me that has that responsibility.  I needed... Read more »

The Need To Post

I so desperately want to be a blogger, to get my word out as only I can. I want to explore the options and lives of people, like me, who are mothers, and writers, and who are raising a child with a disability. I want to look at it from all angles and all areas... Read more »

What I Get Out Of Having Women As Friends

I have always run into women and girls who claim that they “get along better with guys,” or have only “guy friends.”  The whole premise being that women are superficial, or gossipy, or shallow – and they just like the straight forward honesty of the male sex.  From my experience, this is just a bunch... Read more »

Disability Awareness at the School

Last week was one of my favorites at my kid’s elementary school.  We do a program on Disability Awareness every year for a solid week for each grade.  The kindergartners get one piece of the program on accepting differences and how we are all essentially the same and a little different.  The older grades programming... Read more »

Parenting from Outside the Battle

It may be a matter of great, incisive parenting or it may be just laziness, but I have decided, at least for a couple of days, to let my three kids just “work it out.”  I listen to them fight, one of them screaming, as I take a quick shower.  I can yell, always at... Read more »

The Sunshine Foundation sends us to Disney World

My family and I just returned from the most amazing vacation we ever hope to have!  All because of the wonderful people and fabulous contributers to the Sunshine Foundation.  My daughter was awarded her “dream” fromt he foundation in April.  Her dream to see the princesses at Disney World, to ride the rides, to swim,... Read more »

World's Worst Blogger

When I pitched my idea to Chicago Now for my blog, I was so excited and full of energy.  It seemed like everywhere I turned there was another great thing to blog about, something I truly wanted to share.  But then I never got to my computer with a clear mind to get them done.... Read more »

The Last Day of Camp

I never went to camp as a kid.  Having six kids and a single parent, my Mom could never even conceive of sending one of us to camp.  But my dauhter’s life is very different, thanks to a wonderful man named David.  For the past three years, my daughter has been able to go to... Read more »