Sorry, sweetie, but being labeled a teenager is not an excuse to act like asshole

When I was a teenager I took so much acid that I became utterly immune to it, having to take two or three doses in order to feel the high that was supposed to come with it.  On top of that I also inhaled nitrous oxide (laughing gas) on a regular basis, took ecstasy on... Read more »

If I’m not careful now, my daughter will turn out just like her mother

A lot of people tell me she looks just like me.  I can’t help but smile to myself whenever I hear that.  She really does.  A lot.  Something about the way our eyes crinkle when we laugh.  Yeah, I can see that. I can also see about a million other things in her that she’s... Read more »

Parent on Parent Crime: Blame social media all you want, but it really starts with you

So, was she talking about her son or an acquaintance?  I know.  You couldn’t get me to talk to cameras after that shit just went down, two days ago no less.    I just don’t get how there is no emotion there.  I’d be in the insane asylum if anything were to happen to one of... Read more »

Smoking weed, social media, and cutting: Confessions of a modern day 7th grader

“Devo, the pizza’s already sliced, so you can put that knife away.” As I start to make my way out of the kitchen, I hear Devo softly say: “I don’t understand how anybody can do this to themselves.” “Do what?” I ask, turning the corner heading into our dining room. “Cut themselves.” I stop and... Read more »

5 reasons why my children are worthy of an occasional middle finger

Like any parent, I have my moments when I start to feel a little defeated when it comes to raising my children.  I try to make the best of things whenever I can and strive to make my home a more calm and collected place where we can live harmoniously as a family with nothing... Read more »

10 inevitable conversations I will need to have with my daughters that will leave me laughing, crying, or red in the face

“Congratulations!  It’s a girl!” I’ve been blessed to have heard this wonderful combination of words twice in my life.  Congratulations to me indeed.  Two beautiful girls made of sugar, spice and more arm hair than a damn werewolf.  When I was younger, say around 12ish, questions about personal hygiene, the opposite sex and my ever... Read more »

Pinterest: Helping me become an awesome mom, one Pin at a time

Setting up for one epic sleepover.  So what if I had to use our dining room.
A few weeks ago, the girls’ school hosted a back to school parent night.  Unfortunately it was my turn to stay at home with the boys, so the hubby took the lead and escorted the girlies to their parent/teacher meet and greets.  About an hour after they left I received a Facebook posting from the... Read more »

When standing up for yourself becomes a life or death hypothetical situation

I’ll be the first one to admit, I fucking hate being a parent sometimes.  I know, those words sound pretty harsh coming from a mother of four, but when you read why, it’ll make more sense to those with youngsters. What do you say to your child when they come home and admit to you... Read more »

I’m sorry, but we don’t speak Mexican

I know, I know, “Mexican” isn’t a language, so no need to correct me in the comments section or stoop to the level of calling me an ignorant moron under your breath.  I know what the title says and I worded it in such a manner because that’s how I feel as a Mexican-American living... Read more »

Cedar Point: 20 years later and still worth the almost 7 hour drive

I’m almost positive I was a sophomore in high school when my dad first took me, my two sisters and brother to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  Saying it was like nothing we had ever seen before would be considered a huge understatement.  The drive alone had us curious, but my dad was... Read more »