Category: Ice Cream and All its Chilly Relatives

Coffee and Ice Cream

Steeped Coffee In our hurry-up world, convenience is a major plus. So is quality. Steeped Coffee delivers both, along with the added plus of guilt-free packaging.  Developed by entrepreneur and coffee lover Josh Wilbur, the Steeped Coffee system begins with ethically sourced coffee that’s roasted in small batches. The freshly roasted coffee is then nitro-sealed... Read more »

An Italian Import

When my daughter and I drove through Tuscany a few years back, I ate gelato on a daily basis. It was dense and delicious, and I tried as many flavors as I could. By the time we left, I was a  diehard gelato fan, and my affection has never waivered. So when  FRIO Gelato announced... Read more »

Halo Top Ice Cream: A Good News Newcomer

I love ice cream. In fact, I love anything that even vaguely resembles ice cream, although frozen kefir is a bit of a stretch. So when I saw Halo Top’s Black Cherry ice cream lined up a few shelves south of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia in my local Mariano’s freezer case, I had to... Read more »

Graeter's Ice Cream: Ice Cream and All Its Chilly Relatives

I was torn. Given the repertoire at Graeter’s Ice Cream in Northbrook, the Cincinnati-based company’s first brick and mortar store in the Chicago area, deciding what to order was tough. I’d narrowed the field down to salted caramel and mocha chip, both great flavors with a lot of plusses. But chips are a signature item... Read more »

The Primehouse Ice Cream Pop-up: Ice Cream and All Its Chilly Relatives

Ice cream and all its chilly relatives are the perfect warm weather indulgence. There are a lot of options, both in restaurants and in the ice cream, gelato, and soft serve venues scattered throughout the Chicago area. I’ll be writing about as many as I can in the upcoming weeks, and I’m definitely looking forward... Read more »