Pantry-to-Plate is an opportunity to write about all the food-related topics that interest me, everything from history and trends to recipes, chefs, restaurants, purveyors, producers, and ingredients. Best of all, for the first time ever, I don’t have to get the approval of an editor to do it.

I published by first article in “North Shore Magazine” way back when it was the new kid on the journalism block, and I was still writing for North Shore when it was purchased and shuttered a few years ago. To pitch my first story, I took along sweet rolls I’d baked in the bread class I was teaching, convinced that given the aroma, no one would turn me away. I was right, but-alas- the magazine had been sold, and I had to make a return trip-minus the sweet rolls- to talk to the new publisher.

Since then, I’ve written for virtually every Chicago-based print publication, in addition to “The New York Times,” “Wine Spectator,” “Epicurious,” and “Gourmet Retailer.” I’ve also had the good fortune to be the Chicago-based editor for “Food Arts,” a top-tier trade publication, since its debut more than 20 years ago.

People always ask if I like to cook. I do, but I’m definitely a “home cook” working in a home kitchen. Also at the top of everyone’s list is the assumption that I’m a restaurant critic, a job I neither have nor want.

In short, Pantry-to-Plate is a food focused blog written by a lifelong foodie with an insatiable curiosity about the interaction between food, history and culture. I’ve never been at a loss for topics, and I always want to see what’s around the next corner.