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Moving a successful restaurant to a new location can be risky. And if you change a restaurant’s name in addition to moving it to a new location, it can be a recipe for disaster. But in the case of The Poached Egg, formerly Rhapsody, the move from Deerfield Commons to a larger space on Milwaukee Avenue in Riverwoods has been nothing but positive.

Ramon Abarca, who-with his wife Diana-owns The Poached Egg, says eighty to eighty-five percent of their customers followed them to the new location. So what accounts for their loyalty? According to Abarca, it’s the “little things.”

“From the start,” he says, “you want to make sure the customers have everything they need.”

With that in mind, the wait staff asks what you want to drink as soon as you’re seated. Request hot coffee and ice water, and a carafe of the first and a pitcher of the second are on the table in minutes. If, like me, you typically drink multiple cups of coffee at breakfast, easy access to refills is a definite plus.The coffee, by the way, is Intelligentsia, a premium brand that tastes like a premium brand.

And then there’s the service, which even on a busy Sunday morning, is both pleasant and attentive. Add another plus for ambiance and sufficient space between the tables. The first has always been important because it’s hard to converse when the noise level is high, while the second has become increasingly important since Covid.

Nowhere do the “little things” add up faster than with the food. According to Ramon, the restaurant’s top seller is the Cobb Salad with chicken. The chicken is marinated and cooked to order, so it adds flavor, as well as protein, to the dish.

All too often, an egg white omelet, has nothing to recommend it other than its low cholesterol count. That’s not the case, however, at The Poached Egg, where it’s listed on the menu as the Geneva Omelet.

The egg whites are well-seasoned, cooked, and then wrapped around a tasty mix of sautéed mushrooms, spinach and onions. Served topped with mozzarella cheese and a side of marinara sauce, the omelet is accompanied by fresh fruit and a toasted English muffin. FYI- this is a great dish, even if you’re not watching your cholesterol.

The crepes topped with fresh berries and a small side of yogurt are typically available on the weekend. There’re special, and so is The Poached Egg.

The Poached Egg, 1111 Milwaukee Avenue, Riverwoods 847.947.8580

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