Putin's President

I’ve been trying to ignore the state of the nation for the last few months. As a country, we’ve managed to dodge a lot of crazies-some on the left, most on the right. This time, we failed.

Look- you can blame the Electoral College, and the media and anything and anybody else you think had a hand in this debacle. To be honest, I blame the Republicans, Russia, the FBI and the Democrats. Yes-the Democrats. Maybe Chuck Schumer can rouse his party from their stupor.

Forget a shared interest in the future of the country and the hope of finding middle ground. Jerry Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, and even Ronald Reagan are long gone. This Republican Party is home to Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, people who have no interest in making anyone’s life better, other than their own.

The fox is definitely in the hen house, and he’s smarter than you think he is. He knows that if you tell a lie long enough, people might begin to believe it, as in “crooked” Hillary.(let’s try “Putin’s President). And he knows the difference between law and custom, or -at least- his lawyers do. There doesn’t seem to be an actual law that says he has to make his taxes public. And I don’t know if there’s an actual law that says he has to divest himself of his holdings. If there is, then he can be arrested as soon as he’s sworn in.

Maybe we’ll survive as a country that has some ideals and people who care about something other than their cell phones and Twitter and Facebook. Maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg won’t have to retire until Trump and Pence are gone. Maybe we’ll be able to impeach and convict Trump. My friend Michael says I should be careful what I wish, given Pence’s belief system.

At this point, I just want someone who’s actually conversant with the Constitution, which brings us back to the beginning. Not only should we dump the Electoral College, we should (I’m serious) consider a parliamentary form of government, a format that would make it possible to remove a failed government when it no longer has a majority, which will happen when the few remaining centrists in the Republican Party finally get fed up with Trump’s shtick. (Read Peggy Noonan’s article in the Wall Street Journal about 2 Saturdays before the election. She asked- What Would Happen if Trump Wasn’t Crazy? And she isn’t a “liberal Republican.”) Remember- our current form of government replaced the Articles of Confederation. It may be time for another shift.

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