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Standard Market
Standard Market in Westmont

Standard Market

With Safeway pulling out of the Chicago area, I indulged in a bit of fantasy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Standard Market went into the space vacated by my neighborhood Dominick’s? A sweet dream, but Standard Market (333 E. Ogden Ave., Westmont 630.366.7030) isn’t a big box supermarket a la Dominick’s: it’s a specialty store, a premium, food-focused grocery offering an interesting array of fresh, shelf-stable, ready-to-cook, and ready-to-eat products.

In the two years since it opened, Standard Market has gradually increased its product line. Included in the current mix are specialty products from various parts of the country, with items produced either locally or in the Midwest getting the nod whenever possible. So if you’re looking for Chicago-based chef Bill Kim’s (Belly Q) Asian sauces, you’ll find them at Standard.

The market’s produce section offers a good selection of fruits and vegetables. Here again, there’s an emphasis on local, but in a nod to reality, items grown in milder-and reverse- climates are also featured. In addition, there’s a balance in terms of pricing. Specials on older varieties of apples- such as Pink Lady, Gala and Fuji- offset higher prices on new varieties like SweeTango the day I visited.

Standard’s on-site bakery does a good job with both breads and sweets. It’s fun to watch the bakers at work and even more fun to sample their baked goods. And if you’re into artisanal cheeses, be sure to check out the selection, along with the equally interesting array of wines and craft beers.

Standard Market Grill, an attractive, fast casual restaurant is actually inside the market, while Bakersfield (330 E. Ogden Ave. Westmont 630.568.3615) , the company’s full-service restaurant, is across the street. While a second Standard Market Grill (444 W. Fullerton Parkway 773.857.3080) opened recently in Lincoln Park, the next edition of Standard Market is slated for Naperville. A Standard Market Grill will be included.

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