The Eli's Cheesecake Cookbook

“The Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook- Remarkable Recipes from a Chicago Legend”Maureen Schulman, Elana Schulman, Tara Lane, Diana Moles, Jolene WorthingtonAgate Publishing $30“You have to have a great dessert,” Eli Schulman, owner of the legendary Eli’s, The Place for Steak, replied when I asked him about his restaurant’s smash hit cheesecake. It was the mid-80s. I was... Read more »

Dialing Down

During the current crisis, my schedule includes “musts” like brushing my teeth and “lesser musts” like taking the dog for an official “walk,”complete with time outs for sniffing and a visit to his favorite fire hydrant. There’s a grocery store less than a block away, but I haven’t been there in two weeks. Taking stock,... Read more »

Apples and Applesauce

Apples and Applesauce My refrigerator is packed with apples. I prefer Fuji, Pink Lady and whatever else is in the market, as long as the apples are firm textured and the flavor is tart, as opposed to sweet. If you prefer a sweeter apple with a softer texture, check out varieties like Gala and McIntosh. Versatile and... Read more »

Can It

My Inbox is crowded with advice for staying healthy during the current crisis.  Eating is-of course- a major concern. Some of the suggested recipes are interesting, while others are so esoteric and so dependent on perishables that even pre-Coronavirus, I wouldn’t know where to find the ingredients or have the space to store them. This... Read more »

"Midwest Made"

“In the Midwest, our love of baking is real and it’s deep,” Shauna Sever writes in the introduction to her newest book, “Midwest Made- Big, Bold Baking From the Heartland.” She continues, “Other parts of the country have much more definitive food personalities-we all know what to expect from sweets in the South, the edgy bakeries... Read more »

Pumpkin Everywhere But in the Pie

Pumpkin Everywhere But In the Pie I don’t like pumpkin pie, at least the traditional version. Put mounds of whipped cream and a sprinkle of candied walnuts on it, and I still won’t like it. But oddly enough, I like virtually everything else made with pumpkin. So with Thanksgiving just around the proverbial corner, I’m... Read more »

The Turkey Tussle: A Preview

The Foreword A few years back, I wrote a blog about the annual turkey tussle, which translates as a “rough or vigorous struggle.” I posted it after Thanksgiving, with the idea that readers would remember it when they were cooking the turkey for the following Thanksgiving. I’m reversing the order this year, in the hope... Read more »

Fresh 'n Lean

Fresh ‘n Lean Fresh ‘n Lean, an organic meal delivery company, is celebrating National Pasta Day on October 17 by sharing a recipe for a vegan, gluten-free pasta dish. To learn more about the company, click on PASTA ALL’ARRABBIATA By Fresh n’ Lean Spicy Italian classic This classic spicy Italian pasta dish can be on... Read more »

"Hero Dinners"

I was late, and there were only a few scattered seats left at Read It and Eat, a charming cookbook store in Lincoln Park. “Hero Dinners’” co-authors, Marge Perry and David Bonom, were already well into their first demo. The mood was casual, the audience relaxed, which- given that the book’s intent is to make... Read more »

A Cookbook for Everyone

The American Diabetes Association has published a series of excellent cookbooks, and Amy Riolo’s newest, the 2nd edition of The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook, is a worthy addition. As anyone who has used the Association’s cookbooks will attest, their books have crossover appeal and can be used on an everyday basis by diabetics and non-diabetics alike.... Read more »