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From Chicago to Paris: Swords and Flowers

You control what goes on in your home. The 11th is the area of Paris I know best because it is where my friend Scott has lived for 12 years. After having dinner at his place this evening, about a block from the Bataclan theater, the only thing that sticks in my mind after arriving... Read more »

Forsan et Haec Olim Meminisse Iuvabit

“Share your favorite quote (or quotes) — from a philosopher, author, comedian, politician, friend, family member, movie, whoever — and write in detail about why it resonates and has meaning for you.” Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. Does that mean anything to you? Many people have offered their translations. Mine is a mix between... Read more »

Dear Morrissey: A Letter I Would Never Write and A Burden I Would Not Want to Be

Dear Morrissey, I have an assignment to “write a letter to a celebrity convincing them we should become best friends.” First of all, I would not blatantly try to convince anyone of anything of the sort but I often recall the words of Philip Kennedy, OP, sitting in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford,... Read more »

I Am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced with Director Khadija al-Salami

My brother told me a story about sitting in the steam room after a workout and a man raising has arms in a yawn/stretch movement and brushing his foot. My brother didn’t trip but not only was he uninterested in the advance, he was bothered by the violation of his privacy. He turned to face... Read more »

Norm van Lier, Retiring from Law and Keeping People Alive so they can Challenge the Status Quo

If you were to wake up tomorrow and leave behind everyone and everything, what would you miss? I don’t know where you would go or what you would do but the point is that you would leave everything you know. Before you fall prey to the existential abyss taunting you, I will tell you what... Read more »

Beef from Kazakhstan and Nomads who Don't Wander

In a recent survey, 26 percent of Chicagoans said that Gibson’s served their favorite steak. Nineteen percent said Lawry’s, votes for other restaurants around the city made up another six percent and an overwhelming 49 percent said their favorite beef came from Kazakhstan. Can you believe it, Kazakhstan? The survey is not real but the... Read more »

Tattoos: Better Today or Just Different

What do you have planned for your retirement? I don’t have any concrete plans and I don’t know whether a man I met yesterday, named Downtown, did either. Two years ago though he had an accident and came to Washington to recover because his son lives here. Downtown was planning on staying for about six... Read more »

I Missed Michael Jordan but I Hung with Hayes

My mom and her sister walked different paths in life. My mom is an artist who fell in love, got married, raised a family and continues to grow artistically and inspire her family. My aunt learned a profession, started a business capitalizing on that profession, had financial success and continues to inspire her family, too.... Read more »

Yemeni Treasures and a Bow Tie Led us to Chicago

This past weekend I thought about Chicago for the first time in 17 years. Chicago for me is childhood, family, high school—the place where I was born, lived and left. Fascinated by all the things I saw from San Francisco to Sofia, Bulgaria, the people and situations I had to learn to understand and the... Read more »