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4 Indicators You are a Bad Friend

What makes someone a bad friend? I recently thought about this question for two reasons. The first one is because an old friend and former roommate texted me saying that he saw my brother’s face on a billboard outside of PENN station and felt like my brother was glaring at him specifically for being such... Read more »

Exploring Concepts of Care and Community: 100 Interviews in 100 Days

Having spent the last two years researching Medicare reimbursement policies, the Affordable Care Act and other health care issues as part of my work at a communications agency, I’m convinced that care cannot be only about insurance or payment or access. I set out to find some answers but came up with five questions instead: What is care?... Read more »

3-Legged Race with God, Thanks Joseph Sikora

Debilitated by excitement! What an awesome feeling, but like all awesome feelings, nothing that comes next can measure up. Flying into Chicago after a very full and successful week at work in Washington, DC and meeting up with a beloved friend for work, was a dream come true. Our mission: shoot photos and do interviews... Read more »

Eating: Order or Disorder

The question posed to me was “What eating habit do you have that others might find strange?” Most people have really strange eating habits. I once dated a woman who only consumed diet Mountain Dew and yogurt flavored Balance Bars. A friend of mine loves to eat raw liver and another one lives on saki... Read more »

Beauty: Nothing You Have to Say

Not having anything you have to say is a beautiful thing that others may not understand. Walk into a conference room and you must have a message to deliver or colleagues and clients will be suspect of you. Sit down in a bar where you don’t know anyone and if you don’t have something to... Read more »

Moment: A play by Deirdre Kinahan that premiered at the Steep Theater in Chicago now being performed at Studio Theatre in Washington DC

Studio Theatre’s production of “Moment,” written by Deirdre Kinahan and directed by Ethan McSweeny, invites its audience into the intimacy of an Irish family’s silent struggle just as it’s about to explode. Most of the action takes place around the kitchen table of the Lynch’s modest home in a Dublin suburb. If you were a... Read more »

The grandiosity or whiteness of a lie

The third Wednesday of every month is a time for all of the ChicagoNow bloggers to come together, though separated by wards or cities or states, and focus on one topic for an hour. I knew this was coming up today and I knew that I was going to be home on time but then... Read more »

Tapistry Brewery: Bridgman, Michigan (About 2 Hours from Chicago)

A sip sip here and a sip sip there is the best way to approach a beer flight at the Tapistry Brewery. This small brewery has 18 beers on tap, 19 if you count the Reactor, described as an “Uber-hopped American IPA,” available with and without toasted coconut. The beers pictured from left to right:... Read more »

Mid-90's: Alive and Well

Working out of my firm’s Chicago office has its perks—really nice colleagues, free M&M’s and being able to meet my oldest friend for a cup of coffee during the middle of the day to hear about her new born baby and her ongoing home renovations. The office isn’t too far from Millenium station but I... Read more »

Thanksgiving for Le Chateaubriand

Would you travel to another continent just for a meal? It’s pretty easy to do in Istanbul, you don’t even need to leave the city to go from Europe to Asia. Would you travel from Chicago to Paris though? When I was a child, I heard stories of my dad’s friend doing this and it... Read more »