Tapistry Brewery: Bridgman, Michigan (About 2 Hours from Chicago)

A sip sip here and a sip sip there is the best way to approach a beer flight at the Tapistry Brewery. This small brewery has 18 beers on tap, 19 if you count the Reactor, described as an “Uber-hopped American IPA,” available with and without toasted coconut.

Beer flight at Tapistry Brewing

Beer flight at Tapistry Brewing

The beers pictured from left to right: Mr. Orange (5.7%) – Belgian Oat Witbier brewed with Chamomile and Rose Hips,

Reactor (7%) – Uber-hopped American IPA (w/o coconut but also sampled w/ coconut),

Quadraphonic (10.3%) – Belgian Style Quad,

Gourdgantuan Pumpkin Ale (10.1%) – Pumpkin with a touch of spice and a lot of love,

MI Stout (8.1%) – American Imperial Stout with Michigan hops and malt.

Each beer stood well on its own and would have been just as good in a pint glass but for a first timer at Tapistry, sampling was the way to go. Mr. O was light and smooth, with a fruity nose hanging on the head. This one would be perfect for the summer.

Reactor is made with Centennial, Cascade and Chinook hops and they work well together because the finish is only slightly bitter. This is a fine everyday beer, if you like IPAs.

The Quadraphonic doesn’t sneak up like a 10.3% ale usually does. It leaps out, disrupts the conversation and lets you know right where you are, a craft brewery that takes its ingredients and the brews they create with them, very seriously.

The Pumpkin Ale was in an unfair position. How can you follow up the Quad? What is has going though, is that it is not sweet. It’s not that it’s bitter or even neutral but it has a spiciness that adds some zest and makes it not unforgettable.

Sip, sipping along, it was time to try the MI Stout. Worth the wait but it didn’t last long once it was discovered. Sip, sip, gulp. The MI stout is not smooth in a milky way but it goes down like it should, putting a smile (and maybe a little mustache) on your face.

Dee with a 4-pack

Dee with a 4-pack

Curried hummus and pita points, potato chips and pickles prolonged the afternoon, turning a quick pint into an enjoyable session. And, so you don’t have to leave all this great beer so abruptly, Dee will share 16 oz. cans of either Reactor or Mr. Orange that you can take with you.

Last year Tapistry produced about 1,000 barrels and this year is looking to expand to about 1,700. To put that in perspective, it’s neighbor Bell’s, produced nearly a quarter of a million barrels in 2013. Tapestry is small in this sense but from a customer perspective everything it is doing indicates that it’s moving in the right direction and I’m looking forward to my next flight.


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