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Travel Sized and Hotel Toiletries- The Waste Factor

It never fails, when I am clearing out a bathroom or linen closet, I find old travel sized or hotel toiletries. Its human nature to take the stuff from hotels. We all do it.  We take it cause its there or we feel we can use it in the future. That is the key- using... Read more »

Saving Space For Visitors- Yes Or No

We all love company. And some us us choose to save space for them. Space that we really need in our homes. If you live in a big suburban McMansion- you might have an extra room that you can fully donate to visitors. If you are a city dweller, that is not the case. Your... Read more »

Building Out Your Space- Is It Worth It?

Three years ago I fell in love with a great vintage condo, then I opened the master closet door. I could not speak. It was shelved like a pantry with one hanging bar! This was not going to cut it for me. The shelves were too large and any pile would topple. Who wants to... Read more »