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Travel Items; Do you really need them and where should you store them?

I will never understand the obsession with having to store one’s luggage in their closet. The closet is prime real estate and our Chicago homes just aren’t that generous with the space( I still dream of my closet in Dallas). Unless you travel every week, remove those big bags from your closet. Free up the... Read more »

Simplify Your Life Week; 10 simple things you can do

This week is national “Simplify your Life” week. With crazy schedules and growing responsibilities, we are all looking for ways to simplify our lives and cut corners. Here are some of my tops tips: 1. Limit the incoming- Limit what comes in your life. Paper, mail, ect.. Get on the do not call list to limit... Read more »

Baggin Your Clutter; Bad, Bad, Bad!!

Quite often when I start working on a project I find what I like to call bags of “mishmash!” Yup, those are the bags of a little of this and a little of that. One day you get tired of the piles and you bag them up. Then they are taken to a corner and... Read more »