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How To Stay Organized When The World Comes Crashing Down

Grief is an evil monster. During my years as an organizer I have worked with many people who are going through a hard time. Whether it’s  a death in the family, divorce, or loss of job- it hurts. It feels like the world is crashing down. Who wants to do laundry or take out the... Read more »

Simplify Your Life Week 2015- Prepping Your Life

There are so many ways that we can simplify our lives. Its a matter of finding out what works for us in our daily routine.  One of my favorite things is to “prep” my life.  I simply prepare for activities and upcoming tasks. Here are some ways I “prep” for my life. I stage or... Read more »

When Life Changes Demand You Simplify Your Life; How To Make It Work

Ten years ago I was a pretty fun chick. Five dollar martini night was my best friend. I was the social director of my “crew” of lovely ladies. I was also the car pool leader.  When I wasn’t entertaining clients from my sales job (love me some Gibsons), I was out having fun. If there... Read more »

Five Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life

Feeling crowded and over extended in all aspects of life? Need a break or a vacation? Don’t we all! In the meantime, try to simplify your life. Here are five simple changes you can make in your life today.These tips will help you save time and your sanity. * Get your bills and financial statements... Read more »