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Purging With Your Partner

In a perfect world, two people would spend time purging their respective residences before moving in together. They would go through each room and get rid of duplicates and define a decorating style. They would donate or sell, all the excess before combining their space. This isn’t always the case! So what happens when you... Read more »

Setting Up Systems For The Sitter

You not only share your home with your spouse and your kids, but your sitter/nanny as well. In order to keep your home running smoothly, its important to understand what they need and to keep them advised of your organizational systems. Here are some tips to help you share space. 1. Food- make sure that... Read more »

How to Live In Harmony With A Pack Rat Partner

We all have different organizing styles and a tolerance for clutter. I have yet to meet a couple that is 100% on the same page about everything in their home. That is okay. We all are different and that is what makes the world go round. The key is learning to share space and coexist... Read more »

The Family Home-Defining Your Space

As you can imagine I work with a lot of families. Its the same challenge- finding space. That can be tough in the city where space is at a premium. I grew up in Texas and always had a lot of space in my childhood home and my first apartment. Not so much in Chicago.... Read more »

Condo Living- Sharing Space With Your Neighbors

I had to laugh when I bought my condo. The president of the board stated “We take great pride in this building and keep it clean.” I guess that didn’t include the basement. Yup, the common basement area of the six flat I live in was a cluster! Stuff everywhere. No rhyme or reason. Little... Read more »

Take Off Your Shoes And Other Tips to Surviving Condo Life

Today is my day off. I had envisioned sleeping in(that means till 7:00 am in my world) and making some blueberry pancakes to start out my day. At 5:15 am the neighbors dog decided to bark like crazy. So much for sleep. I am not thrilled!! Sharing space has its challenges. When I first moved... Read more »

The Formal Dining Room; Do You Really Need It

I am seeing a new trend. The formal dining room is going bye bye. Yes, that is right. Those long tables, the big hutch, and the china collection are no longer being used on a regular basis. Entertaining has gone casual. We aren’t bringing out grandma’s china anymore. In a home where space is challenged,... Read more »