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In The Danger Zone: Why Parents Should Take Their Kids Mental Illness Very Seriously

My title may be Professional Organizer, but I do work a lot with clients who have mental challenges. As I have disclosed before, Bi Polar and ADD run in my family. I have grown up watching relatives struggle socially and emotionally to live normal lives. In my chosen field, I hold a speciality in helping... Read more »

Mental Illness/Guns; My Families Tragic Story

About 50 years ago my paternal grandmother decided she wanted to end her life. She simply went down to the basement, opened the gun cabinet, and shot herself. For the past several years she had been suffering from mental illness. Although she was never given a diagnosis, we believe she was Bi Polar. Her mother... Read more »

Memories of Life in Newtown; Why I never would imagine the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I spent the first five years of my life in Monroe, Connecticut. One town over from Newtown, the location of todays horrific school shooting. I was shaking when I heard the news. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine something like this happening in that quiet little town. I come from a huge family... Read more »