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Chicago To Ban Plastic Bags On August 1, 2015

As of August 1, I won’t be getting any more strange stares at the Marianos. Yes, I am that chick that is constantly bringing in a ton of plastic bags to recycle. The ban on plastic bags will be in Chicago will be in effect. According to the new city ordinance, all the big box... Read more »

Chicago Votes To Ban Plastic Bags In 2015

Yesterday, Chicago Alderman voted 36 to 10 to ban plastic bags in Chicago.  Effective in August 2015 those non-environmentally friendly bags are going bye bye! This rule applies to chain stores or franchises of more than 10, 000 feet. Yup, all those groceries stores are included. Bye, bye plastic!! So we all have a year... Read more »

Bags, Bags, Bags; What is Functional, What isn't

Yesterday it was time for another bag intervention. Bag and paper issues seem to be a huge commmonality in my business. After all, those are two things that just keep multiplying. Yup, reusable bags and little totes are the gift of the moment. These little buggers will sneak their way into your home through goody... Read more »

Plastic bags are a big issue; ban them!!

I thought I was dreaming Sunday morning when I opened up the paper and read the article “Don’t take away our plastic bags.” I totally agree with the writer that there are bigger fish to fry in Illinois but plastic bags are a huge issue! Each week, I see hundreds if not thousands of these bags. A lot... Read more »