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Tackling Those Taxes In A Timely Manner

Guess what came in the mail this weekend? The tax organizer!! Yup, its that time of the year again. Its time to tackle those taxes. Most people dread this time of year. I simply view it as another project that needs to be done. I print out my tax ledger from Quickbooks and fill in... Read more »

Quickbooks- The Key To Managing Your Business

When I first started my business, I mistakenly thought I could pass up the cost of Quickbooks and use an excel spread sheet to keep track of business expenses. That lasted all of a month. I went to Micro Center and slapped down the credit card and walked out with the software. I used the... Read more »

Take the Crazy Out of Tax Time; Run Your Business with Quickbooks

I hold my purse strings pretty tightly at times. One of my first purchases for my business was quickbooks. The way you handle your business financials can make or break your business. At tax time, I do alot of tax prep for small business owners. Some have even dropped off receipts at my home(can you... Read more »