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What Are Your Decluttering Habits

Decluttering is a necessary evil. We all have to do it. Most of us learn these habits as a child. Did your parents make you clean up your room before bedtime? Did you clean out and purge your toy room before your birthday or Christmas? I love clothes. I am sure this may come as... Read more »

Purging- Should You Give Stuff To Friends

Sometimes its hard to get rid of stuff. Even if it doesn’t fit our needs anymore. We feel the guilt of the money that we spent. We analyze the item and its value. Did we even use it? Yes, there can be a lot of consideration before we choose to part with things. With that... Read more »

Giving Up Clutter For Lent- 40 Bags In 40 Days

In the last few days there has been a picture that has gone viral around the internet. Its pretty self- explanatory- giving up clutter for Lent. What a great idea. I wish that I would have thought of it!! The goal is to fill up any sized bag with items each day. At the end... Read more »

The Perfect/One Time Purge Doesn't Exist In Life

Whether your moving, downsizing, or just plan clearing out- the purge process is essential. And while we all like to handle things once, most of the time its impossible. I have found that the perfect/one time purge just doesn’t exist. Depending on the amount of items that you need to go through, it might take... Read more »

Planning and Prepping For A Move

I am not a fan of moving. I am a creature of habit and even for the most organized person, moving is a disruption of life. I have never met a person that hasn’t experienced a little stress during a move. Its a new space and you have to learn and implement new systems. That... Read more »

A Meeting Of The Minds- I Joined A Minimalist Group

I was shocked that I didn’t get looks when I introduced myself at the Minimalist Group that I joined the other week.Yes, there is an organizer among you!! The truth is, I thought it would be nice to hang out with some like minded people and see what I could learn. I am always the... Read more »

Purging With Your Partner

In a perfect world, two people would spend time purging their respective residences before moving in together. They would go through each room and get rid of duplicates and define a decorating style. They would donate or sell, all the excess before combining their space. This isn’t always the case! So what happens when you... Read more »

Everything That Remains- Adapting To A Minimalist Lifestyle

People always ask me if I am a minimalist. Nope, not even close. My mom and I have earring collections that can rival any jewelry store. So when a friend recommended the book Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nocodemus, I had to check it out. The main premise of this book... Read more »

Why You Should Purge On A Regular Basis

As you can imagine, I have been called in to purge homes that people have lived in for 30 plus years. And they are quite full. I always ask “Why didn’t you purge each year?” I always get the same response ” Why should we, there was plenty of room.” And that full home will... Read more »

Things You Should Purge in Your Home

After organizing for 10 years, I find a lot of commonalities in homes. There are some of the same items that I find time and time again, that could use a purging. They tend to get shoved in a corner and forgotten. 1. College Text Books- Lets get real. How many of you actually use... Read more »