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Here Is What You Need To Know To Tackle A Big House Clean Out

Whether its  a parents long time home, a filled to the rim basement, or a hoarding situation, you need a game plan when you are planning on doing a big clean out. Its best to have some details in place before you start the process. Each day you work on the project, you will end... Read more »

Donating Dilemmas - Letting Go and Getting It Out

You can spend hours trying to find the perfect places to donate all your items. After you have found who and where you want to donate, there is the task of getting the items out the door. Another time suck in your life. I totally understand that its easier to let go if you give... Read more »

Purging Items You Love

Once upon a time, this gal was a sales executive. It seems like a lifetime ago. I had a whole closet full of suits, heels, silk shirts, and scarves. Every morning I dressed like a proper young lady. Not anymore. Its black t shirts and cargo pants for this chicky. So when I made the... Read more »

Purging Your Home; The Top Five Reasons You Don't Do It

In a perfect world, every time you are done with something in your life such as clothing, technology, or toys, it is removed from your home. You can donate it, toss it, give it to a friend, or sell it. There are many choices and places to bestow your items. Well most of us don’t... Read more »

Ten Things You Should Purge From Your Home

I have been organizing for 9 years (my whole life if you ask my parents). In the houses that I work in, I find a lot of commonalities. We all seem to hold onto the same things. Here is my top ten list of things that can go! Say good bye!! 1. OLD PAPERS– You... Read more »