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Paper That Should Be Evicted From Your File Cabinet

Ah Paper, the root of all evil as I like to say. It breeds like bunnies. Before you know it, you have quite a few piles or drawers full. It is human nature to create projects which also creates more paper in our lives. Most of us end up keeping paper that we don’t need.... Read more »

Do You Have Paper Paranoia?

In a world that is going paperless, there are still quite a few people that have “Paper Paranoia.” Yes, those that just can’t seem to let it go. Paper represents undone actions. Many people choose to keep paper to trigger them that they need to do something or a reminder of something that has been... Read more »

Resolved To Get Organized in 2017- Where To Begin

Here we are in 2017. The Cubs won the World Series, we have a new president, and you are making that traditional resolution list. Did you know that getting organized and losing weight are two of the most common resolutions that people make? Could this be your year? So where should you begin on your... Read more »

Multiple Stations Equals Multiple Messes

Spread the love. Spread the paper. Not a good idea. Sometimes when our work area gets too crowded, we move things around. When we create multiple stations, we also create multiple messes. Unless you contain your projects, they will get mixed up and become combined. When dealing with a lot of projects that involve paper,... Read more »

Stop Shuffling Your Papers- Process Them

There comes a time in all our lives, when we have lots of things on our plate to deal with. It could be a medical issue, a death in the family, or even compiling tax information. We take one look and we are stuck. We start moving piles and not processing them. Then we fall... Read more »

The Mail and Your Marriage- Another Relationship To Handle

I hear it all the time. He or she won’t go through the mail. It just sits. There are piles everywhere. Its very common for couples to have different ideas about paper management. So how do you handle this age old problem? Whoever gets home and gets the mail should be the “mail manager”. If... Read more »

The Proper Way To Sort Paper

I live and die by “OHIO”- only handle it once. But when it comes to handling mounds of paper, I change my tune. There are somethings that you have to handle more than once. Paper is one of them. When faced with a large paper project, you should do a “rough” sort at first. Make... Read more »

Stop Churning Your Paper Piles; Process It

We all have projects! Some are more complicated than others. With some of these projects, we end up with a lot of paperwork that we have to sift through. Its not fun. The more the paper piles up, the more confusing it will get. Its essential to keep all your “projects” in an organized manner.... Read more »

What's In Your File Cabinet - National Organize Your Files Week 2015

Did you know that the third week of April is National Organize Your Files Week? Yes it is. Every January, I purge the small file system that I have(I am pretty much paperless). In a perfect world, we would all start out the new year with files being cleaned out, purged, and archived. What’s in... Read more »

Paper Management, Winning The Battle Over All Those Scraps Of Paper

We are all guilty of it at one time or another- writing things down on little scraps of paper. And those little pieces of paper get lost, become piles, and sometimes even get coffee and food spilled on them. In a perfect world, we would have a small spiral notebook and write everything down in... Read more »