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The Great Debate- Packing with Newspaper or Packing Paper

I am a firm believer of living a green life. I am the one at the grocery store recycling all of my clients plastic and returning hangers to the dry cleaners. When it comes to packing, I change my tune. Its important to use the right packing materials. Packing up a condo or house can... Read more »

Must Have Items for Packing Up A House

As we wait impatiently for Spring, we are approaching another very important season- Moving. Yes, this is when I turn from professional organizer into an unpacker. Setting up homes is a fun project. You start with boxes and end up with a beautiful space. But before you unpack, you have to pack it all up.... Read more »

Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

I was moving a client the other week and noticed some items were missing. The said items where found buried in another room. Yes, the box was clearly labeled but quickly moving movers had misplaced it. This is just one of the moving mistakes that occurs on a regular basis. Lets be honest, moving is... Read more »

Simplify Your Move- The Best Moving Apps

We are right in the middle of prime moving season. Moving is never without its challenges. What mover do you use?Pack yourself or hire out? Move all in one day or split the move? Move some items yourself? So many decisions, so little time. Here are some apps that will help you make your move... Read more »

How To Avoid The Five Biggest Moving Mistakes

As moving season swings into high gear, I wanted to go over some very common mistakes people during this process. In order to limit the already challenges of a move, you need to have a process in place. DON’T HAUL YOUR CRAP ACROSS THE MAP Depending on the size of your home and how long... Read more »

Getting Ready For The Big Move

Moving season has begun. The market is being flooded with homes and people are packing it all up. The great rush has begun to get settled at the end of the school year or before the new school year begins. Moving can be heaven or hell. It depends on the way you get ready for... Read more »

Planning and Prepping For A Move

I am not a fan of moving. I am a creature of habit and even for the most organized person, moving is a disruption of life. I have never met a person that hasn’t experienced a little stress during a move. Its a new space and you have to learn and implement new systems. That... Read more »

How To Start Downsizing A Home

Thinking of moving in the next couple of years? Whether its to assisted living or a retirement condo- its best to start that process now!! When you have lived in your home for years, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make. It can be quite a challenging and time consuming process.... Read more »

National Move Month 2016-Tips To Help You Unpack Your Home

No one likes to move. Yet, we are all doing more of it!! Due to job transfers, school, or retiring, Americans are on the move more than ever. No longer are people staying in their homes for 30 or 40 years. If you don’t prep properly, unpacking can take a long time. Its important to... Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

A large part of an organizers business is unpacking and setting up new homes. Its truly one of my favorite things to do. You start from scratch and get to make it pretty. Sometimes its more of a challenge. When one’s space has dramatically changed and their belongings haven’t. Here are some of the top... Read more »