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National Get Organized Month 2017

There are many non traditional holidays during the year. In January the National Association of Professional Organizers sponsors “GO” month or Get Organized. It’s purpose is to educate people and business about organizing their space and time. What perfect time to start anew then the New Year. So what projects should you start to think... Read more »

Purging Items You Love

Once upon a time, this gal was a sales executive. It seems like a lifetime ago. I had a whole closet full of suits, heels, silk shirts, and scarves. Every morning I dressed like a proper young lady. Not anymore. Its black t shirts and cargo pants for this chicky. So when I made the... Read more »

National GO Month 2016 - Get Organized

Since 2005 the National Association of Professional Organizers has celebrated January as “Get Organized” month. It seems fitting since many of us set resolutions for the new year. Getting organized can seem daunting and overwhelming. How should you do it? Where should you begin? Here are some helpful hints. Take a walk around your home... Read more »

The Ten Most Common Organizing Mistakes

Ever wonder why your some of your organizing systems don’t seem to work? No matter how hard your try, you just can’t seem to get it right. Here are the top ten organizing mistakes and how to correct them. 1. My home gets disorganized again the next day. I hear this one all the time.... Read more »

Get Organized Month (GO MONTH)

For the last 12 years, the National Association of Professional Organizers has proclaimed January to be “Get Organized Month!” This national event brings awareness to the benefits of being organized and how a professional organizer can help you reach your goals. Here are some ways a professional organizer can help you get organized!! 1. Organize... Read more »