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What Are Your Decluttering Habits

Decluttering is a necessary evil. We all have to do it. Most of us learn these habits as a child. Did your parents make you clean up your room before bedtime? Did you clean out and purge your toy room before your birthday or Christmas? I love clothes. I am sure this may come as... Read more »

The New Trends In Getting Rid Of Stuff

It fascinates me how many new ways there are to get rid of your things. There used to be Salvation Army , Goodwill, and Amvets. Now there are a whole group of charities and people that are ready and willing to take your stuff. It seems everyone wants to cash in on the used items... Read more »

Freecycle- The Do's and Don'ts

Love me some Black Friday. Its also known as “Erin Kelly big purchases day”. Yup, this frugal Freddie buys her bigger ticket items on this day every year. Last year it was a vacuum cleaner and blender. This year on the list was dishes. I had already picked them out and just had to enter... Read more »