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Start Out 2020- Organized

Ah The New Year- my favorite time. Yes, part of it is due to the fact that we can purge last year and start again. There are so many little things we can do to start out this year in an organized and efficient manner. Here are some of my favorites! 1. If you haven’t... Read more »

The Top Reason People Are Afraid To Get Organized

Through out my 13 years of organizing, I have heard and seen it all. One common thread keeps reappearing time after time- Fear. Yes, there are a lot of fears that keep people from making changes in their life. One of the most common ones is making a mistake and getting rid of something that... Read more »

A Meeting Of The Minds- I Joined A Minimalist Group

I was shocked that I didn’t get looks when I introduced myself at the Minimalist Group that I joined the other week.Yes, there is an organizer among you!! The truth is, I thought it would be nice to hang out with some like minded people and see what I could learn. I am always the... Read more »

Purging Items You Love

Once upon a time, this gal was a sales executive. It seems like a lifetime ago. I had a whole closet full of suits, heels, silk shirts, and scarves. Every morning I dressed like a proper young lady. Not anymore. Its black t shirts and cargo pants for this chicky. So when I made the... Read more »

Organizing Projects For January

With the big dip in the temperature, its the perfect time to tackle some New Years organizing projects. Won’t it feel good to start off the new year in an organized manner. We all have that build up from time to time in our homes and offices. Here is a list of the top projects... Read more »

The Ten Most Common Organizing Mistakes

Ever wonder why your some of your organizing systems don’t seem to work? No matter how hard your try, you just can’t seem to get it right. Here are the top ten organizing mistakes and how to correct them. 1. My home gets disorganized again the next day. I hear this one all the time.... Read more »

An Organizer Provides Answers To Some Most Common Organizing Concerns

I have been organizing for eleven years- ten years in my own business. Some days, I feel like a rock star! I came, I declutterd, and I organized. Other days I run home with my tail between my legs. Yup, I am a people pleaser! I want to make amazing progress in every project I... Read more »

How To Organize Your Home: Getting The Process Started

I get calls all the time from people that are on a budget and don’t have the funds to have yours truly come in and make their place shine. With kids, car payments, and a mortgage sometimes there isn’t enough for extras. Organizing isn’t rocket science and you can do it yourself. Yes, with the... Read more »

Getting Organized At Home- Participation vs Non-Participation

I get these phone calls all the time. Someone wants me to come in and organize their home. “Just get it done!” “I don’t want to participate in the process!” It would be a dream to come home and have a perfectly organized home. Every cabinet organized to perfection. Your clothes lined up by style... Read more »

Enablers- Items that Inhibit Your Organization

Usually we call people enablers. You know, those friends that don’t bring out the best in our lives. The ones that encourage or let you step off the bright path of life. In the organizing world, its bad systems. Here are a few systems, that I consider enablers. Stacking files. HATE THEM! Things go in... Read more »