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How To Handle Time Sucks In Your Life

Last week I was switching over my phone system from ATT to ATT Universe. It seemed simple enough but alas, it required a phone call to ATT. The dreaded moment of life. A time suck. “Time Sucks” are things that take up our precious time that we consider to be a waste. It could be... Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

A large part of an organizers business is unpacking and setting up new homes. Its truly one of my favorite things to do. You start from scratch and get to make it pretty. Sometimes its more of a challenge. When one’s space has dramatically changed and their belongings haven’t. Here are some of the top... Read more »

A Guide To Help You Purge Before Your Move

Moving Sucks! Lets just be honest. I have never had a client meet me at the door with a big smile on moving day. They just want it to be over. I agree!! When I moved, I unpacked in one day. Everything was put away with the exception of the linen cabinet because I needed... Read more »

Why Haven't You Gone Paperless?

I was so excited when I started my business 11 years ago. I had my business cards, website, and work bag all ready to go. I was networking like crazy and all was well in the world. Then my boyfriend told me one thing was missing- me going paperless. What do you mean? I am... Read more »

A Guideline For Purging Your Clothes

This one is always tough. Whether is the guilt of unworn clothing or things that don’t fit, purging your closet can be a big challenge. A stylist once told me that everything in your closet should be your cut, color, and size. It also should be your “A” game. Everything in your closet should be... Read more »

The Top 5 Items That We Don't Know How To Donate/Recycle

We all have things that are hanging around simply because we don’t know what to do with them or aren’t able to get them out of our homes. They sit and sit. Sometimes we move them around. We recontainerize them, but still they are with us. Instead of being a viable object that we use,... Read more »

How To Organize Your Party Planning

I made it with five minutes to spare. My guests were walking in the door and I was cutting up the last tray of cheese. I cut it down to to the wire but I made it. Last Friday night I threw a wine tasting party. It had been on the calendar for a month.... Read more »

How to Organize Membership Cards

These days, everyone has a deal. Everyone has a preferred buyers card. And yes, we all like a deal. If you carry all your frequent buyers cards around, you will end up with “fat wallet” syndrome as I call it. Its just way too much. Or you could use the small cards and attach them... Read more »

The Do's and Don'ts of Downsizing A Home

Downsizing. A word that has become very common in our lives today. I am seeing more and more people downsize. This could be due to retirement, divorce, or the need to liquidate your funds. Whatever your reason for changing your space, there is a right and a wrong way to downsize your home. Here are... Read more »

Being Safe In A Cluttered Or Hoarded Home

Another day another bruise. Sometimes work can be a battlefield. Many times I have come home from jobs with some new body art. Yep, I get a little bumped around. When working in a severely cluttered or hoarded space, its important to create a safe environment. The last job I did, a well meaning mother... Read more »