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Getting Over The Guilt Of Overbuying

We all do it at one time or another. We buy things that we don’t use or that just don’t work for us. This could be decor, clothing, misc items or even food. This creates excess and clutter. When these items are identified, we have to deal with them sooner or later. Sometimes they go... Read more »

Donating Dilemmas- Who Will Take Your Stuff

Its getting harder to donate your stuff. Just recently I have had items turned away ┬áby Salvation Army and Brown Elephant. I can’t blame them. What they don’t sell, has to be disposed of in some other form. Stuff is costing everyone money. So what do you do with these items that no one wants?... Read more »

Donating Dilemmas - Letting Go and Getting It Out

You can spend hours trying to find the perfect places to donate all your items. After you have found who and where you want to donate, there is the task of getting the items out the door. Another time suck in your life. I totally understand that its easier to let go if you give... Read more »

Freecycle- The Do's and Don'ts

Love me some Black Friday. Its also known as “Erin Kelly big purchases day”. Yup, this frugal Freddie buys her bigger ticket items on this day every year. Last year it was a vacuum cleaner and blender. This year on the list was dishes. I had already picked them out and just had to enter... Read more »

The Top 5 Items That We Don't Know How To Donate/Recycle

We all have things that are hanging around simply because we don’t know what to do with them or aren’t able to get them out of our homes. They sit and sit. Sometimes we move them around. We recontainerize them, but still they are with us. Instead of being a viable object that we use,... Read more »